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IM Academy is an online school that provides digital educational products and services that enable users learn essential skills for Forex trading. They use GoLive interactive content that is supported by an all-inclusive library of app-based and pre-recorded information and data to offer the lessons.

IM Academy was founded in 2013 by Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry, the self-proclaimed Forex experts and entrepreneurs. It started as a small start-up with a vision of providing an online platform for Forex education with easy access and subscription mode. It focuses on providing interactive and accessible lessons for enthusiasts to develop the required skills for their own trading.

Since its inception, IM Academy has progressively grown into a large organization and currently has around 225,000 active clients who take advantage of its unique informative products and services.IM Academy’s corporate set-up currently incorporates many subsidiary entities in most of its international markets. The company only registers legal entities in areas with regulatory obligations to do so and when registration of entities demonstrates a tax advantage or risk management. It is registered as a corporation as required by law and its global headquarters is based in New York City.

IM Academy always stays ahead of the curve, thanks to the remote-working set up for its staff members which allows the company to hire top-quality talent with zero geographical restrictions and concentrate all its focus on its educational mission. IM’s team also runs on reduced operation costs as it saves money meant for office space and other corporate expenses of real estate. I

t has therefore positioned itself in a way that has efficient operations without interruption irrespective of the emergency safety measures brought forth by the Corona virus pandemic.IM Academy functions through its website which is the company’s main online presence as well as the platform where clients and IBOs (Independent Business Owners) can access their work space through a secure log-in. Visit this page for additional information.


Find more information about them on https://im.academy/login