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Andrew Lazarus Clinches Successful Deal With The Purchase Of The Coveted Beach Hotel Merewether.

Andrew Lazarus is an investor who has created his niche in the industry.

He has mainly made the best by offering hospitality sector services with portfolio assets under the Eastern Hotels Group.

Once again, Andrew Lazarus has put his name on the headlines after adding a property portfolio to his backyard.

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He is proud as an entrepreneur to own the Beach Hotel Merewether inclusively.

The pub, which has its roots in Newcastle, has been operational and serving its clients for over three decades.

Andrew Lazarus is overwhelmed in getting his hands down on the property.

It is a significant deal that has been part of his goals, and he is optimistic about the future.

However, he is not comprehensive of the main changes to occur, as it will undoubtedly involve other personalities to make it sophisticated, including articles.

Bale and Twohili Families owned the beach hotel, which was commonly known as the beach.

The pub stands in a breathtaking location, where there is a clear view of the coastal beaches.

Additionally, it is one of the best locations that every customer would visit.

Besides its outstanding beauty, the property also comes in handy with other features. It includes its iconic verandas, among other splendid features.

Though the amount of money used to buy the beaches was not disclosed, it was evaluated to be a hefty seal.

Andrew Lazarus has played his pivotal role in the industry, offering excellent services in the hotelier industry.

He owns serval other properties in the country, including the eastern Inn Bondi Junction and The Exchange Hotel.

He has other assets in various locations.

Peter Lazarus, the Director of the Eastern Hotels Group, has been a crucial player in running the chains of the hotels.

He will be mandated to help run the Beach as they look forward to making the best out of the investment.

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Learn more about Lazarus: https://www.domain.com.au/news/hotelier-andrew-lazarus-sells-vaucluse-house-to-hipages-