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pushing ahead

ZeroAvia is at the forefront in developing zero-emissions aircraft. People interested in creating a clean aviation industry have been following the steps made by the company. The aviation company is at the forefront in developing high-capacity aircraft that run on hydrogen power. The environmental conservation efforts across Europe have been making efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The development of zero-emission power lines at ZeroAvia is a great move towards reducing the amount of air pollution caused by the company. They are in the forefront of coming up with effective strategies that have contributed to reducing air pollution. 


UK government grants

To raise more funds to enable research in the company, the UK aviation minister granted them a grant. It is an excellent move towards reducing air pollution. People interested in reducing air pollution prefer getting services from the company. At ZeroAvia, they aim to make it easy for the experts at the company to come up with effective strategies to reduce air pollution. They are among the best experts who are at the forefront of coming up with the right measures to reduce air pollution. 



Hydrogen-electric aviation

The technology developed by ZeroAvia is an excellent move towards reducing air pollution. The application of hydrogen-electric technology aims at reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released. It is a move that will play a significant role in making the aviation industry run clean. Several air pollution gases are emitted from the carbon dioxide burned when burning petroleum products and ZeroAvia is doing something to change this. The burning of hydrogen releases water that is not harmful to the environment


19-seat program 

As a way of growing their capacity, ZeroAvia has tested their technology on the 19-seater aircraft. The tests aim to make them very reliable in coming up with the latest technology that contributes to saving them money and the effects of air pollution in the aviation industry.