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While diversity unlocks innovation, it’s difficult to measure how diversity influences a company’s capability to innovate. Richard DeVaul is a leader of thought innovation, who believes that it’s important to realize that thought diversity is a requirement for the development of an innovative solution to problems. Thought diversity hails from life experiences, background, and training.

According to Richard DeVaul, diversity is key for any business leader who is both creative and focuses on the positive side of a business. When Richard DeVaul spoke about Tacos al pastor, he was impressed with how a single meal loved by many people was motivated by several cultures.

Richard points out that diverse employees tend to bring innovative solutions due to different foreign experiences and educational backgrounds. Smart leaders are aware that the staff is likely to stay in a diverse company because the culture allows different opinions and if it is inclusive.

The diverse staff see things in different ways and in case a problem arises in the company, the staff are able to analyze ideas differently and choose the best option. Also, people have diverse communication styles which push people to widen their views when passing information, to communicate effectively. Although it is time-consuming, results are valuable.

Richard DeVaul pointed out that there is a need for gender diversity because businesses that embrace gender teams tend to have a higher equity return compared to others. Companies that have more women in management have a better average growth compared to companies with more males in management.

About Richard DeVaul

DeVaul is the founder of Fast Forward Labs, a research and development company that makes products for academic and engineering researchers. He is also an advisor to Google X.

Richard DeVaul is an American research scientist, CTO, and innovation expert with an experience in engineering. He has executive experience for over 10 years. He has launched and led projects that have generated billions of dollars. He possesses strong communication skills and has several peer-reviewed publications. See related link to learn more.


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