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PosiGen has made a name for itself in the energy efficiency industry. The company provides environmentally conscious, affordable, and efficient solar solutions to consumers nationwide. PosiGen was founded by Shawn Jones, who started the company with his wife Carol after realizing that they were spending too much money on electricity bills each month. In their search for an alternative power source, Shawn found out about new developments in photovoltaic technology, which led him to create what is now known as “The Sun Machine”.  At PosiGen, according to Thomas Neyhart, this invention of this machine had one goal: to provide people with dependable, cost-effective renewable energy sources while also doing so sustainably. As you can see from its wide range of products like residential solar panels, commercial solar systems, or service packages such as solar leases, cloud mining, and electricity services, PosiGen has been able to achieve this goal.


Offering Sustainable Power Solutions

PosiGen is committed to creating a long-term sustainable future for its customers by providing them with quality products that make it possible for them to live without depending on fossil fuels, Thomas Neyhart points out. The company’s motto, “The Power of Choice” indicates that they understand their role in helping people choose how they want their energy sources while also giving them the option of generating clean, renewable power from an affordable source like the Sun Machine (or any other product).


Their work does not stop there, though, because after installation PosiGen continues to provide service packages including emergency repairs; regular inspections; maintenance agreements and even operation training programs. With all of these services, PosiGen is giving people the power to live simply. PosiGen continues its commitment to providing quality products while promoting sustainability through affordable renewable sources such as solar. The team at PosiGen currently led by Thomas Neyhart is looking forward to what the future can bring for their company and its customers as they continue to innovate to help us all make more thoughtful decisions regarding how we generate electricity or use water.

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