Michael Haltman

pushing ahead

Eric Lefkofsky’s newest business venture, Tempus, is attempting to revolutionize the medical industry as we all know it. Tempus is attempting to use artificial intelligence and better analysis of data to make the medical field better for everyone involved, especially patients who are looking for an easier and more effective way to go to the doctor. 


Tempus currently works very closely with some of the most well known drug companies on the face of the earth in their effort to identify ways to eradicate cancer. Tempus is also attempting to come up with ways to better manage depression and a person’s mental health in general through a process known as exome genetic testing (Businessinsider).  

Tempus claims to be able to successfully predict a person’s 12 month stroke risk, due to major work put in by their team of researchers and data scientists, Eric Lefkofsky pointed out. Tempus most recently released a new program, titled the Lens Platform, which provides scientists and researchers a deep wealth of knowledge on different kinds of data sets to aid in moving the medical field in a forward direction. Dr Jennifer Doudna, winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in chemistry and co-inventor of CRISPR, joined the board at Tempus earlier this year.