Michael Haltman

pushing ahead

Around the world, there is a general trend towards using technology for every aspect of our life. From transportation, to entertainment, and everything in-between, the average person will need a computer device to get around. Brazil is one of the larger nations on the planet, and due to the efforts of Haroldo Jacobovicz they are not far behind the technological curve. He has seen both sides of the equation as a user of technology and a developer. The power it gives everyday individuals makes it worth pursing even further. Haroldo Jacobovicz made many lifestyle and businesses choices along the way to bring his dream to fruition

The key to understanding Haroldo Jacobovicz’s approach to technology begins by first looking into the past. He saw the world as a curious place where the impossible could become possible. Throughout his childhood, he exceled in piecing together items around him. This was a skill that become refined as he acquired more and more knowledge. As a fresh college student, Haroldo Jacobovicz and his friends believed they were coming up with the next best thing. It was a business concept of improving inventory software. However, it quickly become apparent that such advanced technology was too early to be on the market.

Failure is simply a natural part of being in this industry. Haroldo Jacobovicz viewed this ordeal in a positive light as it gave him the experience to try harder next time. He came back as an industry professional a few years down the road. Brazil is ready to take a bold approach to embracing new technology in the coming years. He is laying the groundwork for devices that will soon become commonplace among the public. Haroldo Jacobovicz finds that each day on the job brings him closer to ideal future he once envisioned and more