Michael Haltman

pushing ahead


In the modern learning environment, there is an aspect of the curriculum that seems to be discouraging kids from curiosity. Parents always have a feeling that the kids will fall into something dangerous that could easily harm them or even other kids in the classroom. The same approach is highly adopted and implemented in the school, which makes it really hard for the students to have their minds allowed to be flexible and to handle most of the issues without disturbance.

ClassDojo does not believe in restricting kids when it comes to curiosity. This organization is of the view that the curiosity of the kids is part of their growth system, and it is inborn. As such, instead of controlling it and rejecting it using some brutal words and sometimes punishments, it should be highly encouraged as it is a growth cycle that all the kids must go through in their education.

That is why ClassDojo has been working really hard on making sure that all the necessary aspects that the kids have been looking to get have been observed as needed, and the issue of curiosity has also been adopted. It is the only way that most of the kids will turn out to be productive and through which they will offer the necessary solution to some of the issues that they think they can solve.

For many years, most of the kids who have been allowed to exercise curiosity have been able to come up with much more information and details than the kids who have not been incorporating curiosity. That is why it has been very necessary for ClassDojo to ensure that all the issues that are needed in the entire process have been handled as needed. This is the only way that the best results that have everything to do with curiosity have been encouraged.

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