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Fortress Investment Group features among the most diversified investment managers globally with about $41.5 billion asset portfolio by the end of September of 2019. Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998, and the asset management portfolio caters to approximately 1,750 customers as well as private investors globally in private equity, real estate among other investment ideas.

Today, the New York-based venture publicized the incoming of Wells Fargo & Company’s former CEO, Timothy J. Sloan, as the company’s Senior Advisor. Timothy will render the right counsel and advice to the team’s executive team of the company in New York. Timothy will also participate in investment committees. Sloan will be working in the office based in Los Angeles.

Timothy Sloan ranks among the best financial service leaders, and Pete Briger, the CEO and Principal at Fortress Investment Group is happy to have him in the company because he will instigate massive results. Timothy’s involvement in the company operations will benefit the investors and the overall fund because he has deep exposure.

He is intellectually rigorous, and his instincts in the commercial sector are proven. Timothy boasts of an extensive industrial relationship, thus understands different market forces better than anyone else.

Timothy Sloan has been relating nicely with Fortress Investment Group for about twenty years, and he respects the leaders a lot since they have the right performance, exposure, resources, and discipline. Investment discipline and risk management attention are the cornerstones on which the Fortress group is built. Timothy insists that he is happy to join Fortress because it is oriented to counter the prevailing markets whereby opportunities and risks are related.

Timothy joined Wells Fargo in 1987 and took charge of several leadership roles in New York. Timothy managed to record extraordinary performances in the different departments, and so in 2010, he became the administrative officer. A year later, he became the CFO. Different promotions kept on coming his way until his retirement in 2019 after serving for 31 years. To know more click: here.