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Greg Blatt has had nothing short of a colorful journey in pursuit of a career over the years. He has attended bars, worked in entertainment law as a legal counsel, and even became the CEO of two of the world’s leading online dating companies. Throughout his journey, Greg Blatt has always employed impeccable people skills, determination, and outstanding work ethics when delivering on his role.

Greg Blatt was born and raised in Boston, where he completed his high school before joining Colgate University in New York to pursue an undergraduate degree in Literature. After completing his degree, Greg took time off to travel the world, taking up several odd jobs to earn a living. It is during this phase that he took up jobs painting houses and even attending bars. See this page for related information.

Upon his return, he enrolled at Columbia Law School, where he studied for his law degree. Greg joined the law industry working as a Merger and Acquisition lawyer for New York Based firm. Alter three years with the firm, Greg’s curious nature took very driving him towards entertainment law, where he hoped to become a scriptwriter. As an entertainment lawyer, he had a chance to work with renowned Martha Stewart, helping her company go public.

Greg later received a recommendation for the Vice President position at IAC in the legal counsel department. His commitment, exemplary work ethic, and problem-solving skills would see him rise to the position of CEO. His first task was to aid the company’s struggling subsidiary Match.com, a company he was able to turn around with a year of taking charge.

Having delivered outstanding results, Greg Blatt was the CEO and executive chairman of the companies conglomerate company Match Group as well as its fast-rising dating up Tinder. Under his leadership, Greg was able to grow the companies achieving great potential. Especially Tinder that was able to go Global.


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