The Lung Institute Treats Lung Disease With Stem Cell Therapy

In years past, people with lung disease and other issues with their lungs had very limited treatment options. But that’s begun to change in recent years. Part of the reason is the breakthroughs being made by researchers and physicians. One of those cutting edge therapies is the use of stem cells to treat lung problems. A number of physicians worldwide are now successfully using stem cell therapies that are both revolutionary and minimally invasive to treat lung disease. Research and practical experience have shown that stem cell therapy is an effective way to treat lung problems.

Using stem cell therapy to treat lung diseases holds great promise. Physicians are learning more each day about its therapeutic potential as clinical trials continue to pick up steam and get medical approval from regulatory agencies in the United States and Canada. Many see the potential of those stem cell therapies to successfully treat pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, emphysema and other lung conditions. According to Cedars-Sinai, this is good news and holds great promise for people with severe, irreversible lung disease. The key is to get credible, objective, reliable information about the sources of this unique treatment.

The Lung Institute is an industry leader in the use of innovative, regenerative medicine, including stem cell therapies, to treat lung disease. As a result of their commitment to offering patients the most effective methods to address pulmonary conditions, their physicians have now received worldwide recognition for their successful use of these revolutionary therapies to treat lung disease. The Lung Institute has over 100 years of combined medical experience and world-class facilities. They always act with the safety and quality care of their patients in mind. For more info, go to

Their stem cell transplants use platelet-rich plasma and autologous stem cells to aid in the healing of damaged tissue. They also improve the quality of life of patients through the use of outpatient procedures for stem cell transplants. says that their stem cell therapy harnesses the natural healing ability of the body to address the progression and ease the lung disease symptoms. The treatments are all minimally invasive procedures that have demonstrated effectiveness to improve lives.

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Mind-blowing Facts about Brad Reifler

An American and well known entrepreneur, Brad Reifler attended Bowdoin College where he attained his bachelor’s degree. What you may not know about him is that he has wide connections in 6 different industries where he connects with 5 Board Members in 5 varying organizations. Mr. Reifler holds such appealing traits in leadership. Such have seen him spearhead activities in companies of high regard such CIFCO International Group serving as a Partner, Forefront Capital Markets Management and LLC where he is the founder and CEO. In 1995 he founded Pali Capital Inc. where he served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until 2008.

It is also worth noting that in 1992, Brad Reifler founded Reifler Capital Management as he continued serving in various capacities in different companies. So far the company has exhibited great prowess in offering advice, creating and executing business coalitions, banking, distribution of leaders as well as portfolio management. The regulatory licenses he holds are amazing, ranging from 3, 7, 24, and 63. He is of incredible wisdom regarding money matters and that is probably the reason he has maintained an excellent track in performance. Commonly he is known as a serial entrepreneur.

Brad Reifler’s Response to a Fictional Movie “Money Monster”

The movie exposes the shortcomings experienced by a small investor in an attempt to keep in the expedition of weathering the stormy financial atmosphere. Lee Gates, a Wall Street guru is taken captive by a resentful investor Kyle Budwell, after picking hot stocks as host of a TV program. As it unfolds, there is a tangling web of lies that Clooney and cast make attempts to uncover.

Responding to the same, Brad Reifler clearly elaborates the three main challenges faced by the small investor as follows; fees; where the middlemen end up enriching themselves even when their clients may not thrive. He goes on condemning this act. Secondly, he talks of access to investments; small investors being limited to the investments they can take part in as they are considered less intelligent as compared to accredited investors and finally the Stock Market Risk where the only available investments to non-accredited investors are interrelated to the stock market.

Avi Weisfogel Raises Money For Kids

Dentist and owner of Old Bridge Dental Center, Avi Weisfogel, continues to put his money where his mouth is. Recently, he set up a GoFundMe account to raise $2,000 for Operation Smile. Children have always been his priority. Weisfogel says that all children, regardless of geographic location and socioeconomic standing, should have access to dental services.

Operation Smile was formed in 1982 for that very purpose. The international organization, formed in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee, provides medical procedures at no cost. The organization provides services for children and young adults who suffer from facial deformities like cleft palate and cleft lip. Thousands of medical professionals from all over the world donate their time to help children achieve a brighter future.

Avi Weisfogel has also opened a number of businesses to help patients deal with sleep apnea. Wiesfogel opened Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and Dental Sleep Masters to help other doctors understand how to treat sleeping disorders. He also created patented appliances made specifically to treat the disorder.

According to Weisfogel, sleep apnea is a serious condition that affects millions of Americans. The highest risk group is men and women who are obese. The extra fat deposits around the neck area can obstruct airwaves and cause the sufferer to stop breathing. Weisfogel says children can also suffer from the condition, if they suffer from asthma or some other respiratory condition.Born and raised in New Jersey, Weisfogel graduated from Rutgers University and New York University School of Dentistry. He has operated the Old Bridge Dental Center for over 15 years. Weisfogel resides in Orange, NJ with his wife and four children.

Jeffry Schneider: An Introduction

Principal Executive Jeffry Schneider is far from the ordinary leader. As both the acting Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ascendant Capital, LLC, he has worked tirelessly to raise almost $1 billion in this century. He has helped Ascendant Capital to grow in having far more employees than it has ever had before. The company began with 30 employees.

Jeffry Schneider has much experience in alternative investments, having worked for Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and even Smith Barney. He also commits his time to philanthropic efforts, working closely with numerous charity organizations, such as the Gazelle Foundation, The Cherokee Home for Children, Wonders and Worries, and several others of a similar nature. Mr. Schneider currently resides in Austin, Texas as does his company. Mr. Schneider owns a variety of informational websites online, including Jeffrey, Jeffrey and Jeffrey He founded Ascendant Capital in 2008 and currently has over nine years of experience with this wonderful and unique organization.

In addition, Mr. Schneider has offered his own helpful and professionally informative list of great business books to read, which are available on his company’s Twitter page. He may be also found on Linked In. Jeffrey Schneider has often expressed his belief in alternative investments as a powerful route to diversifying holdings while reducing volatility. The cultural role that Ascendant Capital plays is very attuned with the company’s success and has contributed much to its structure as a whole.

Mr. Schneider has studied at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He enjoys a healthy lifestyle of a balanced diet and exercise routine and has participated in numerous marathons in his spare time. He has also traveled the globe in his business and has seen some of the most beautiful places in Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Commitment Towards Community Health

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO at Tempus. Tempus is a technology firm that has developed a platform to help physicians to battle cancer. He is also the founder and managing director of Lightbank, a venture fund investing in disruptive technology businesses. Lefkofsky is also a co-founder and chairman of Groupon, a global e-commerce marketplace and co-founder of Uptake Technologies, world largest predictive analytics service provider. In 2015, Lefkofsky left his position as CEO at Groupon to concentrate much of his time and efforts to Tempus.


Lefkofsky Involvement at Tempus


Since leaving his position at Groupon, Lefkofsky has donated millions of dollars towards cancer research at He is actively involved in startups that aim at taking technological measures to cure cancer. Tempus is a health-tech startup that is building next generation infrastructures to modernize cancer treatment. His donation to Tempus was aimed at establishing cutting edge genomic sequencing and analysis methods to help doctors understand tumors.


Lefkofsky Philanthropy


Eric Lefkofsky is a trustee of Luries children’s hospital, the Art Institute of Chicago, World Business Chicago and the Museum of science and industry. Lefkofsky has been involved in various charitable activities. The donations, which comes from Lefkofsky family Foundation, a charity founded by Lefkofsky and his wife Liz, aims at primarily supporting research that aims at eradicating diseases, especially cancer and leukemia. The agency has also donated towards educational projects that help young and disadvantaged students as well as giving charters to schools within Chicago. As an alumnus of the University of Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky donated $ 1.2 million to the health sector of the university.




The Accelerated Disruption Idea


Accelerated disruption defines a business development that is moving at next generation’s technological advancements. According to Lefkofsky, disruptive businesses are born every day. At any given time an individual has a great idea that can offer better choices regarding convenience, price, functionality, service and at that moment, they hold the key to reshaping the entire sector. Due to the swift pace of the technology, the idea holder is quickly overtaken by startups or large competitors. Idea holders fail to appreciate the speed of technology, which allows competitors to come from everywhere. Therefore, only enterprises that can understand and control the forces of technology will be able to succeed years to come.


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Philanthropic Highland Capital Management Firm Co-Founder James Dondero Offers $1 Million Grant to the Family Place

The Family Place’s capital campaign gained a new momentum after James Dondero announced that he will award the organization $1 million challenge grant. The grant is directed to see the organization raise its targeted $2.8 million Legacy Campaign within the coming six months. This notification was made during it’s the Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon that was held at the famous Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas.


Dondero explained that his firm, Highland Dallas Foundation Inc, will be tasked to administer the grant. With approximately $2.8 million that was needed to achieve the campaign fundraising objective of attaining $16.5 million, the grant is seen as a big boost.


The move by Dondero comes amid recent call-to-action messages by both Dallas mayor and the police chief requesting the community to help solve family violence, which is becoming a life-threatening issue in Dallas.


He expressed his gratitude for the efforts employed by the Family Place to source out for philanthropic support, maintaining that carrying out such a campaign in one year is very plausible. This campaign was started with the sole aim of enhancing the creation of a new counseling center in Dallas. Dallas Counseling Center is meant to cater for family violence victims. The counseling center will be named in honor of the late American Civil Rights activist, Ann Moody. The place is designed to incorporate a medical and dental clinic, 13 shelter bedrooms to handle emergencies, and a centralized hotline center. Dondero has continued to support the community through financial and moral support.


About James Dondero

Mr. Dondero has more than 30 years of experience in credit and equity markets. He graduated from the University of Virginia, and is the co-founder and president of the Highland Capital Management. He began his flourishing career as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty Training Program in 1984. He later joined the American Express as a corporate bond analyst, and later became the portfolio manager.


Currently, Dondero is the chair of various organizations such as the CCS Medical, Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare. He was once a corporate bond analyst and a portfolio manager at the American Express. He later served as a board of member for other organizations such as the American Banknote.



AXA a French multinational insurance company was founded in 1816; then, it was called Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie. In 1985 the CEO Claude Bébéar picked AXA, he had hired a consultant to search for a name that would be pronounced the same in all languages. AXA headquarters is in Paris in the 8th arrondissement. Since it started operations acquired different companies to make the great AXA; firms bought were Compagnie Parisienne de Garantie, Drouot Group, and Winterthur Group, Union des Assurances De Paris, Guardian Royal Exchange and The Equitable. For eight years it has been the first insurance brand in the world, and Vitali et al. named it the second most powerful transnational company. The insurance firm has initiatives like AXA Heart in Action and AXA Research Fund; the research fund support research on risks that affect human, environment, and society.

Vincent Parascandola, Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors in New York, for seventeen years has been registered by industry securities and has registration for FINRA and SEC too. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the financial environment. Throughout his employment, he has been holding high ranks in the different divisions he worked. Mr. Parascandola has worked with AXA firm for almost twelve years; he was executive vice president, President-advantage group, president-northern division, president-continental division and chief sales officer and president-continental division all in AXA Equitable before becoming the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA US. He had worked at the Mony Securities Corporation for fourteen years, was an agent at Prudential Insurance and System Analyst at Irving Trust Company all this before joining AXA; by the time he was leaving Mony, he was the Field Vice President.

Vincent is an alumnus of Pace University – Lubin School of Business where he earned a Bachelor degree in Computer Science; he had previously attended Xaverian High School. He is skilled in Life Insurance, Financial Services, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Asset Management. Vincent’s skills and expertise has pulled him up to his career ladder and having reached where he proves he is good at his job and AXA insurance company is lucky to have an experienced person like him.


Omar Boraie Is Giving To Rutgers For Medical Research

The medical research completed in New Brunswick at Rutgers is a large part of what makes their school, and they wish to make their city into a medical research paradise. This article explains how Omar Boraie has given to the school to help them expand their research, and there is a Newswise article on the same topic. Anyone who is interested in the medical research field must look to what Omar Boraie has done to make Rutgers a better place to come.

#1: The Genomics Division Is Growing

The genomics division at Rutgers now may pay for a chairman who will have the financial backing of Omar Boraie and his family. The $1.5 million gift to the university will help bring in someone who is prepared to lead the genomics division in a new direction, and they will have more research coming out of their labs every year with a proper leader. The leaders who are applying to come to Rutgers will be among the best in the world, and they will bring expertise to the university that is always welcome.

#2: What Does Omar Do In New Jersey?

New Jersey is growing every year because it helps the people moving into the state with jobs and residences. According to NJ biz, there are many development options that ensure a community is working in harmony, and they will all sit together once Boraie Development has done their work. They build everything from new apartments to large shopping complexes. They are willing to find a place where everyone will feel safe, and they build it into something new. They are willing to do all the development work, and Omar has taken over properties around the state that needed extra attention.

The career of Sam Boraie has been dedicated to his home state, and he has done much of his work in the New Brunswick area around Rutgers. He is giving to the genomics department at the university because he knows what it means to them to expand. They will see more research coming from the school, and his financial support carries weight in the academic community. To read more about Boraie Development, go to



The Many Talents of Clay Siegall

If you’re not too familiar with cancer research then you’re probably unaware of some very talented individuals. The fight against cancer is at an all-time high and there have been many advanced breakthroughs over the past 16 years. Many of the medications currently used today are much more effective than medications of the past. Seattle Genetics is one of the leaders when it comes to advanced breakthrough therapies. The organization has well 800 employees, been ranked by Forbes as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation, and it produces some of the very best cancer fighting drugs. With any great company/business, there has to be great leadership and Seattle Genetics is no exception.


Clay Siegall is the man of the hour and he’s doing everything in his power to eradicate the world of this deadly disease. He’s a man of many talents because of his broad educational background. He’s known by many as a philanthropist, doctor, scientist, guest speaker, and author. Dr. Siegall has been in the game for many years and has worked with many of the biggest names in cancer research such as The National Institute of Health, The National Cancer Institute, and Bristol Myers Squibb. Dr. Siegall studied at George Washington University and received a Ph.D in Genetics. He also studied at The University of Maryland where he received a (BS) in Zoology. As you can see, the guy is clearly in a class of his own. Being the President, CEO, and a Founder of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall has built a strong structure to work from. He implements his three main functions to success being rigorous research, drug development, and scientific innovation. This way of thinking has pushed the organization ahead of it’s competitors and it’s flagship drug (ADCETRIS), has racked up hundreds of million in Canada and the U.S.


Dr. Clay Siegall just knows how to get things done efficiently and effectively. All in all, the future of cancer research is in great hands (via) Seattle Genetics and Dr. Siegall is steering the ship to even more success in the future.


Avi Weisfogel: Sleep Apnea Expert

Not many people would associate sleep disorders and conditions with dental problems. In reality, there are lots of dental professionals who treat patients with sleeping problems. The matter of sleep isn’t a fully studied field, so there’s always new evidence linking seemingly abstract professionals to the cause. For lots of dentists, they start receiving sleep-related patient complaints within their first month of operations.

For Avi Weisfogel, it was his first week on the job. He was receiving so many sleep patients that he developed a keen interest in the subject. He became interested in the marketing and business that dentists offer. Eventually, he would end up joining most of the dental marketing clubs in the country. Despite great success in these clubs, he was dissatisfied with the marketing strategy used by the clubs.

He wanted a strategy that would provide a steady flow of oral appliance patients. In 2010, Avi left the practice and opened his own sleep-based company. He spent the next two years and millions of dollars developing a system that could provide him with the 300 oral appliance patients a month that he wanted. His system has since made him famous in the medical world.

His system was so successful that he began teaching others. He spent the next year teaching classes of fellow professionals his methods. Along with his partner Barry, he created the Dental Sleep Masters programs. The program was designed to reach out to more dentists, physicians, and patients that could benefit from the program. The program is an immensely progressive step in the world of sleep medicine.

Far too many people with sleep disturbed breathing go undiagnosed. About 90 percent of people with sleeping troubles are unaware that there are treatments and programs that could help.The new model created by Avi’s program creates a positive environment in which physicians and their associates, as well as the patient, can get a better understanding of what’s causing the problem. The program has been such a success that hundreds of other dentists have joined the team.