Choosing An Effective Reputation Management System

Do you know what Internet users see when they want to find out about your company or your services? Want to find out how to have a good online reputation management system? Every business person or company executive should strive to ensure that they are properly protected from online threats and attacks.

These days, millions of people go online to search for information about firms and products and other items that interest them. If you are an entrepreneurs or a business manager, make sure you know how your organization is being portrayed on the web.

Online reputation management’s absolutely essential for both individuals and businesses that want to succeed in their endeavors. With good reputation people will want to patronize your business. If you have a tarnished reputation, potential customers will go to your competitors.

When you are starting, or running a business, it is extremely important to have a system in place, to manage your You will want to know what people see when they search your name or your brand online. You will want to make sure only desirable content about you shows up in search results. That’s where professionals can help. They will guide you properly in setting up the right reputation management system.

A negative review, or derogatory remark, can damage your chances of acquiring clients and customers, while a good review can result in huge sales and boost revenue in your organization. It is sensible to take proactive actions to assure that only great article about your business is shown on the web and that any negative reviews are pushed down to where prospective customers can not see them.

Using article syndication and PR activities, press release optimization and social media resources, are excellent ways to get good results. Blog posts and keyword optimized content publishing can certainly help you suppress negative search results and convey a great image about your organization.

Be sure to contact a team of qualified reputation management professionals to help set up a good system for managing your online reputation. A great team is one that includes SEO experts and content creation consultants.


Choosing to Invest with Laidlaw & Company

Investments can be difficult for the average person and can cause an individual to lose a lot of money in a short period of time. It is very important that you work with a professional team of experts that does this for a living. The individuals known as Matthew Eitner and James Ahern are the operators of the Laidlaw & Company firm will help you to get the best investment options possible with the help of their team. You will find that working with a professional team of investment bankers is a lot different than working on your own to come up with solid investments that actually yield money.

The first step to take as someone who was looking to invest is to contact Laidlaw & Company so that they can begin working with you right away. The professionals known as Matthew Eitner and James Ahern will be able to take your investment options apart for you and let you know which ones are going to be solid and which one should be thrown away in order to avoid a lot of funds. This is great for individuals who have lost a lot of money in the past because of bad investment decisions.

For anyone who has ever had a bad experience with investing their money, it is time that you work with a professional team of investment bankers at Laidlaw & Company. Not only will they be able to help you choose the investment options that are ideal for your budgeting needs, but they will also be able to manage your assets for you so that you do not have to worry that you are the one always checking the investments to see if they are yielding anything and bringing in any sort of money for you and your loved ones.

Helane Morrison Promoted To SEC Administrator

Helane Morrison has recently been appointed the SEC administrator. She has a long resume that has led to this moment and she is incredibly qualified for the position. Morrison received her B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University as well as a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law. During her time at University of California at Berkeley she also served as the Editor-In-Chief of the California Law Review.

After completing her education she served as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun and Hon. Richard A. Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. She went on to enter private practice where she practiced law in San Francisco before going on to join the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission where she oversaw securities enforcement, litigation and regulatory matters. More recently she was employed as a Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer with Hall Capital Partners, LLC. A more detailed look at her background can be found here.

Helane Morrison SEC Administrator - Hall Capital Partner - BizJournal Women on the Move Award Winner

With her new position as SEC Administrator she will be responsible for managing both the enforcement and examination programs that are located in the jurisdiction of the San Francisco office. Her lengthy history includes supervising numerous major investigations that led to enforcement actions. Prior to that she was responsible for defending clients who were being sued by the SEC. She is one of only just a handful of female administrators within the SEC.

One of the tasks that she mentioned she would be taking on include a keen interest by the SEC in the increasingly popular online brokerage services, some of which are in her region. She intends to look into their practices and make sure things are on the up and up. More information on her new appointment can be found here.

In addition to her previous work for the SEC, Helane also has made leaps and bounds in the world of corporate compliance in her role at Hall Capital. She was recognized as one of BizJournals Women on the Move due to her incredible dedication to creating a better workplace for her employees and for complying with all government regulations with a great deal of transparency.


Unlimited Earning Potentials in NYC Through Shared Working Spaces

There are a lot of advantages that people experience with shared working spaces. However, there are some advantages that stand out from others. One advantages is the high earning potential that comes with working for oneself at the shared working space. Among the factors that contribute to the earning potential is the amount of work that is done. When people do a large amount of work, they will make a large amount of money. This is made possible with co-working spaces that can be found at various places. This is a far step above regular workplaces that pay a fixed amount by the hour.


One co-working space in New York, that offers the advantages of unlimited pay is Workville is actually one of the places that people have put a lot of work into so that people can enjoy the environment that allows them to do the work they need so that they can not only support themselves, but get their business off the ground. This is one of the reasons why more people are going to these types of work environments. When they go to these work environments, they are inspired by the possibility of being able to pay more of their bills and achieve financial independence.


Shared Working spaces offer people what they couldn’t get with a regular job. They offer people more freedom. They offer people the freedom to express themselves and do the type of work that they want. When they are able to take on the tasks that they are passionate about, they are more likely to believe in what they do. As a result, they are more likely to work diligently towards the goals that hey have for their company. They can also get any help that they need when it comes to the marketing or any other aspect of their work.

How Jose Borghi Became a Highly Successful Marketer

Jose Borghi is a successful advertising executive from Brazil. His name is powerful in the Brazilian advertising scene. Today, he is considered a highly influential advertiser in the country. He is the founder of Mullen Lowe ad agency. The company was originally known as BorghiErh, before it was changed to Borghi Lowe, and finally Mullen Lowe on

Jose Borghi’s Early Life

Jose Borghi was born in a town called Presidente Prudente. During his third year in high school, he attended a performance at the Castro Neves Theater after receiving an invite from his sister. The performance changed his life and removed any doubt he had about what career he would pursue after finishing school. He loved the show so much that he made up his mind to pursue advertising.

Jose Borghi studied advertising in PUC. After graduating, he secured his first job at Standart Ogilvy in 1989. Jose Borghi leant a lot at the company. Never one to be tied down, Jose worked for several other advertising agencies like FCB and DM9/DDB. He finally decided to open his own agency. He partnered with Erh Ray to open BorghiErh agency.

The Birth of Mullen Lowe Ad Agency

Jose revealed that when they started BorghiErh, they had no investors or support from banks and sponsors. They started from the ground and worked their way up. Jose Borghi offered several services including media planning, ad creation and other advertising services. They soon became profitable. In 2006, Lowe bought into the venture and it was renamed Borghi Lowe.

After rebranding, Borghi Lowe gained headway in both the domestic and international advertising market on It caught the attention of Lowe & Partners and the Mullen Group. Today, the company is called Mullen Lowe and is managed by Jose Borghi and Andre Gomes as co-CEOs.

Other Interests of Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi has reiterated on several occasions that it was his determination and hard work that made him successful. He realized at an early age that nothing comes easy or free and that if he wanted to achieve something, he had to put in the effort.

Jose has a knack for creating award winning ad concepts for his clients. This has earned his company several top clients like Delta Airlines, Asia Motors, Procter, Fiat, American Express and Coral Paints. He has won several awards for his efforts and accomplishments including the lions Cannes, New York Festival and the Clios Awards. Today, he is firmly committed to growing and expanding the company.