Government Officials Discuss Progression of Economy Following New Administration

During the 2016 United States Presidential Elections, Donald J. Trump, who was the republican nominee at the time, promised several extensive tax cuts for Americans and corporations. Following his election to the office of President in January, thousands of American business owners held off on the submission of their previous year’s tax returns in hopes of benefiting from the new President’s tax cuts. In recent days, government officials have discussed the impact of this delayed season for tax returns and how it will affect both the American and global economies. Because businesses have reportedly been shifting more income accounts to the side for future reporting (in hopes of benefiting from tax breaks), government officials are worried that the federal government may hit its debt ceiling at a faster rate than they had originally planned.


In recent years, partisan squabbling over debt ceiling increases has resulted in the loss of the country’s former triple A credit status as recorded in Standard & Poors. While conservative members of congress usually use the required vote to raise the debt ceiling to argue for spending limits and decreases, the democrats (always looking to expand the scope of the federal government) usually argue in favor of the spending increases. While the debt ceiling increase does not typically require a vote until the later quarter of each fiscal year (normally October), government officials fear that the limited amount of tax returns received may cause the vote to occur much earlier in the year.


Although government officials are attempting to prepare the public for an economic stalemate by directly connecting a potential debt ceiling crisis to the nomination of the new president, outcries from the public are not approving of the obvious attempt to shift blame. The United States government debt ceiling currently allows the country to borrow 19.8 trillion dollars, an unspeakable amount of money that continues to rise with the reign of each new president. If the government hits its debt ceiling before it expected to do so, citizens of the country are calling for its government to exercise the common sense that each American family must use to manage personal budgets and finally apply major cuts to spending.


Greg Secker: An All-Rounded Man in the World of Finance

Born on February 18, 1975, Greg Secker has grown to become a Master in the Trade sector, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, as well as an international speaker. However, his most important role among all is that of a father. He states that his motivation to begin the Learn to Trade venture was because a lot of people experienced struggles to start trading initiatives. Therefore, he aims to provide the necessary tools to such individuals, especially to those interested in trading and understanding foreign transactions.

It took Mr. Secker a short period to begin attaining profits as he would reinvest each month’s financial collections as much as possible. This was his greatest bonus when it came to making more money. He says that the Learn to Trade workshops offer educational resources that enlighten people on how to deal with various investment situations so as to keep at bay any chance of trial and error method as he did. He states that his first customers were his family and friends after they saw him prospering in his works. He has achieved success through listening to other people’s situations and extracting what can make him a better person from the conversations or speech, so as to better others as well. His friends, family and also business partners have also constantly supported him, giving him new ideas on the next step to take.

Greg began at Thomas Cook services of finance and later moved to the Virtual Trading Desk where he created a foreign exchange business. This particular program was one of its kind to provide a system that acted in real-time in the system of online Forex trading. It enables users to receive quotes using the real-time feature for any transactions involving foreign exchange. After a short period, he was appointed as the Vice President of the financial corporation of Mellon.

After three months, he founded Learn to Trade, where some companies come together so as to enlighten people on successful ways to trade so as to improve their lives. Some of these companies are the Capital Index, Learn to Trade, The Greg Secker Foundation, and the Smart Chart Software. This initiative has expanded to Australia, London, and also South Africa in only 13 years after its creation. They have educated over 200,000 people through workshops and seminars on the various ways to trade.

Avaaz Builds An Online Membership To Battle Global Issues

Global problems are now more well known than ever before as the global news industry Online and on television makes it easier than ever before to stay abreast of the issues facing people in various parts of the world than ever before. The instant news cycle we all now live in has spurred the development of the Avaaz activism group that has developed a series of new and innovative way of building awareness and understanding of many different issues facing the people of the world.

The Avaaz group was only established in 2007 yet already boasts more than 44 million global members from an astonishing 194 nations across the planet; these very different members share a common need to assist their fellow human beings in any way possible without being concerned about international borders or proximity to the heart of a specific problem. Online petitions, email campaigns, and much more are the commonly completed campaigns of Avaaz members who learn about specific problems through the Website of the community that includes a series of videos and personal stories from those personally involved in a loss of right or fight against oppression in some way.

Among the campaigns that have been completed by the members of Avaaz and brought together activists from around the world are those completed in different areas driven by Online contributions, such as that completed to push forward Australia’s popular anti whaling legislation. Avaaz reports a petition created by the group led to more than one million signatures being obtained to back the call from Australian politicians to limit scientific whale hunting, which many feel is a cover story for the continued commercial hunting of whales across the Pacific; the Avaaz petition was eventually presented to the International Whaling Commission where the Australian plan to limit scientific reasons for whale hunting was backed in an international vote by a vote of 34 to 17.

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US Money Reserve’s Top-Down Rebuilding Of Its Website

Staying true to its core information, but adding a bright visual display for visitors is what US Money Reserve is doing with its website, which it just redesigned not long ago. This redesigned website has a whole new layout that looks good on any device whether it’s a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

US Reserve’s technical team put a lot of work into this website because they believe gold and silver investing can be made easy for even the least informed customers. With new photos and captions of their numismatics, they have an even broader collection for buyers to behold.

One of the brains behind this the US Money Reserve’s new marketing moves is Philip N. Diehl, a man who has turned the sales of vintage coins into great profits at one of the most important institutions in the US, the US Mint.

He was appointed Director of the US Mint during the presidency of Bill Clinton, and he found ways to modernize the institution and bring in new minting ideas.

He directed the 50 States Quarters of 1999 and also included the Sacagawea gold dollar for a brief period. He once suggested abandoning the penny to a group of panelists on CNBC. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

Diehl has committed to helping investors learn the benefits of buying precious metals and has had a foreword page on the US Money Reserve in which he shares some of that information. The truth is, the presidency of Donald Trump has had a lot of foreign leaders and domestic businesses on edge not knowing which way the markets will go.

Even some optimistic people that have noted the bull market that came in early 2017 aren’t so certain of the long-term highs. With many things unknown, Diehl believes investors should start buying gold and silver now.

Gold and silver bullion comes in many different forms and whether you’re interested in coins or bricks, each has its own benefit and risk. When you visit the US Money Reserve website, you can signup to become a member and receive a free information kit.

Even if you have an IRA that you’re not due to receive till you reach retirement age, you can still have it moved into a gold or silver IRA with help from US Money Reserve’s specialists. US Money Reserve can also tell you how to sell your gold or silver assets back when the time comes.

The Help Desk Agents of UKV PLC Are Ready To Assist You

     Are you aware that UKV PLC is offering its customer base with opportunities of investing in one of the highest qualities of wine products that’s available for purchasing in today’s industry of wines? If not, then it’s highly advisable for you to go to their website to see what exactly they’re offering at this very moment. There is a vast array of details available on the website that should let you know about whether you can benefit from any of their products or not.

UKV PLC is a wine merchant that’s doing several things to ensure the products that they’re able to offer are some of their customer base’s best options. UKV PLC has shown wine enthusiasts that they’re a vintner that cares about what they think about the products that they have to offer. This has been proven by the taste and feeling their wines offer. The wine products taste absolutely delicious, according to many past consumers, and they also happen to have the perfect amounts of alcoholic content contained within them.

UKV PLC is a vintner that deserves any wine enthusiast’s attention. Whether you need to know about the company’s history, their fermentation processes, their sanitation processes, what their research and development departments are currently working on, or anything else that may pertain to the vintner, an agent of the customer service department should be able to help you out. Contacting them may give you answers to several questions that you may have had. Also, it’s recommended for you to be prepared with any questions that you may have, as you do not want to overlook anything and regret not asking the first time around. Their help desk agents are fully knowledgeable about the wine products they’re offering and are capable of providing you with the answers that you may be seeking to attain.

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The Many Talents of Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is a well-known entrepreneur who has started successful companies in retail like Tory Burch and C. Wonder; he has set his sites on the hotel and hospitality business. James McBride and Chris Burch bought a joint venture in the form of a beachside hotel located on the island of Sumba in 2012. Sumba is part of Indonesia, and the business partners spent a total of $30 million renovating it. In 2015, Nihiwatu opened its doors to the public. This luxury hotel features 27 private villas, 4 of which have their own, private plunge pool. Mr. Burch bought this hotel initially as a legacy to leave his children, and as a way to give back to the local community. He now splits his time between the Hamptons, Miami, and Nihiwatu in Indonesia. Nihiwatu has already been named the Best Hotel in the World by Travel + Leisure in 2016.

Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch was born and raised in Pennsylvania as 1 of 10 children. He attended Ithica University and made his first foray into the world of entrepreneurship while he was still in college. Mr. Burch and his brother founded Eagles Eye with just $2,000 and sold sweaters for $15 each that they originally bought for $10 each. Christopher began looking for a factory to expand his sweater selling business, and this operation grew quickly to other campuses and retail stores. Mr. Burch and his brother worked the next 10 years, and Eagles Eye grossed over $140 million in sales. His next venture was helping his wife launch the Tory Burch fashion line in 2004. Mr. Burch served as co-Chairman of the Tory Burch fashion line until it sold in 2012. At the time of the selling, the company was worth an estimated $3 billion dollars. More on

Real Estate

Mr. Burch made his way into the real estate business in 2004 by partnering with Philippe Stark to help develop Faena Hotel+Universe in Argentina. In 2005 he purchased a luxury home in the Hamptons, renovated it, and sold it four months later for $25 million. His last real estate project was the Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia.  Check for a must-read article about Burch.

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Christopher Burch has proved time and time again that he has excellent instincts and has honed them over the years. He will continue to thrive in this popular market for years to come. For updates with his timeline activities, hit on

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Paul Mamphilly is Putting Money in his Client’s Pockets

     Paul Mamphilly is an investor and entrepreneur whose career on Wall Street began in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He quickly got other prominent positions at Deutsche Bank and ING where he managed multi-million dollar accounts. In 2006, he was called upon by a $6 million billion firm – Kinetics, to manage their Hedge Fund. He grew the company’s assets to $25 billion within a short time.

After getting tired of making money for only the rich in Wall Street, he left that life behind. He wanted a chance to help more people on investing. This is how the idea of Profits Unlimited Newsletter was born. He launched it in 2016, and through it, he can share his skills and expertise from Wall Street to guide his over 40,000 subscribers into stocks that are likely to shoot high.

For the longest time, Paul had a routine which started by getting up at 5 or 6 a.m. He would then go through news about the world market. His schedule now is geared towards the news around the stocks in his trading services with Banyan Hill Publishing: Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum, and Profits Unlimited.

Paul is excited about the internet of things and the impact it is going to have in many industries. He believes the technology will fill the gap where regular employees can’t. He also loves how Millennials are taking over the U.S economy.

If he were to start again, Paul would not go to college. To him, what helped him in Wall Street was the real hands-on experience and a lot of trial and error. While many people would agree with him on this, it’s also true that many people would not have the jobs they have today without going through college.

Paul has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, Hedge Fund Intelligence, Reuters and Fox News. He has also won the Templeton Foundation Portfolio competition after generating gains of up to 76%. He attained his MBA qualification from Fordham University In New York In 1996.

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The Career Path of Susan McGalla

***UPDATE*** June 14th, 2017– Susan’s achievements have just been featured in an article on Philly Purge. Scroll to the bottom of the article for links and to read about how she has contributed to Women in leadership.

Susan McGalla achieved a bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College in marketing and business. She is a successful entrepreneur and executive consultant from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She is also a board member at Mount Union College. She is well-known as the former president America Eagle Outfitters Inc. she also served as the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. at the moment McGalla is among the board members of HF Inc a company in the quest of giving worthwhile real estate facilities. She is the director at Allegheny and also a member of the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute.


In the year 1986 to1994 Susan McGalla led the marketing and managerial position at Joseph Horne Organization. Right after that she linked up with America Eagle Outfitters. She qualified for various posts at the company because of her long time experience. She was responsible for the purchase of women’s outfits for the divisional stock. She was also in charge of a number of managerial roles. Her hard work and devotion at American Eagle Outfitters made her the chief merchandising officer as well as the president of the organization. She did so much for the company and part of her accomplishment at the firm was launching the 77kids brands and sanctuary.


Susan McGalla’s achievements at American Eagle Outfitters Inc made her decide to leave the firm and begin her full-time career as a private consultant for financial investment and trade organizations. McGalla is currently the vice president of Pittsburgh Steelers, at this company she is in charge of innovative growth and business plan. Other than that, McGalla is a team member of the council at the university of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. Susan McGalla is one of the best leaders and this is because of her long-time experience, skills and hard work at different companies, she is glad that she has all it takes to lead different companies.

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How Paul Mampilly Helps Average American Create Wealth

     Paul Mampilly is a Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. His role at this publisher is to help average Americans earn money by investing their money into technology companies, small-cap stocks, and other investing opportunities.

It was in 1991 that Paul Mampilly began his career in the financial industry. He first role was at Bankers Trust as an Assistant Portfolio Manager. His success led to him earning a position as a Portfolio Manager at two financial giants, Deutsche Bank and ING. He joined Kinetics Asset Management in 2006 where he was tasked with managing their hedge fund. His success at managing this fund led to the company going from being worth $6 billion to over $25 billion in value. His success was noted by Barron’s who named his fund among the “World’s Best” hedge fund as he averaged annual returns of 26%.

Eventually, Paul Mampilly grew weary of the pace of Wall Street as well as disillusioned that he has making money for just the richest 1% of people. He left Wall Street and founded two financial newsletters that are targeted at middle-class American, Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited. His newsletters are designed to be affordable to people and an excellent resource for discovering great opportunities to create wealth through investing.

Paul Mampilly is a native of India. After he graduated from high school in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, he moved to the United States. He received an extensive college level education that was focused on economics and financing. He earned his degrees in finance and accounting at Montclair State University. He also holds a degree in financial engineering which he received at the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering.

While Paul Mampilly helps people create wealth through investing, he has also helped people by volunteering his time for a number of worthy causes. He volunteered for a number of years for the New York City-based Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. Along with a few other volunteers, he drove a van through the streets of Manhattan where he delivered food to homeless people. He has also served as a Big Brother in the national Big Brother Big Sisters organization.

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Andrew Rolfe & Abuntu: Saving South America’s Impoverished Children!

Ubuntu is a special non-profit philanthropic funding organization that was created by Jacob Lief and Malizole Banks in 1999. Their mission for establishing the Ubuntu Fund was to provide education for underprivileged children in Port Prince, South Africa. Using Malizole’s school Ubuntu was able to distribute educational supplies to children. They rapidly became aware that even with the proper educational tools; children were still having much difficulty learning due to unfortunate family circumstances, malnutrition and disease.

Ubuntu’s dedication to the children caused them to rethink the conventional growth model and come up with a grassroots based delivery plan that was better able to meet the challenges these children needed to overcome in order to learn. For over ten years Ubuntu has perfected their signature delivery model and now incorporates provisional care from baby age through adult occupation. They also offer family fortification aid. With over 4000,000 citizens in Port Prince, Ubuntu has concentrated their efforts on providing localized full range care.

Andrew Rolfe, chairman on the Board of Directors for the Ubuntu Fund has been integral in maintaining that all funding received goes to the children and not miscellaneous expenses, such as staff or office supply. Mr. Rolfe and his team also nobly negotiate larger donations given to the Ubuntu Fund from benefactors are given without limitations. In this way the full portion is invested in the children. Richard has dedicated his life’s work in helping South African impoverished youth attain mentorship, freedom, education, basic physical and emotional needs. He has facilitated hope within vulnerable children who battle the many challenges of not having enough so they too can go on to a successful education and life.

One of Andrew Rolf’s greatest desires is to ensure that children in the Ubuntu program grow up and become successful and capable leaders of their communities. Andrew Rolfe strives to ensure the students can transition from high school into college. He focuses his efforts on small South African districts where children’s educations aren’t attainable. Andrew Rolf has become renowned for ensuring children’s transition from poverty to well-being!