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Dog Food Dog’s Desire

Beneful is a dog brand that offers dry and soft dog food as well as special treats. The word Beneful actually means full of goodness. Beneful offers nutritious ingredients with various flavors and textures. Each dog food promotes a healthy weight, strong muscles and skin, and a healthy skin and coat.

There is dog food that specializes in puppies as well as older dogs. Some of the varieties of dog food available are beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, pork, and salmon. Treats are available that are tasty and that promote healthy teeth. Benefuls’ wet dog food is different than other brands because they use real ingredients that come in a seal tight container instead of coming in a can. The plastic container is re-sealable so if you don’t use it all you can take it with you on the go and use the rest later. Beneful can be found at most of your local grocery stores, mass merchants, and pet stores.

When feeding your dog make sure that you pay attention to the recommendations. Every bag of dog food will let you know the feeding recommendation. The recommendations can vary from dog to dog. This can depend on the size of dog you have, the dogs’ metabolism, and activity level. Sometimes you may have to adjust the recommendation depending on your dog. You want your dog to be well proportioned and not overweight. It’s important that your dog eats a balanced and healthy diet.

Beneful provides top quality product by have control procedures that are very strict. A tracking system is in place to ensure that ingredients are fresh. Suppliers are required to meet certain standards for ingredient specifications, product safety, manufacture process, and sanitation. Beneful dog food is process in company-owned cities throughout the United States. You should pick up a bag of Beneful dog food on your next shopping trip.


Why Did Sam Tabar Choose THINX As A New Investment?

Sam Tabar recently chose to invest in THINX after he was introduced to the owners by a mutual friend. He would not have been interested in investing in an underwear company, but their story goes far beyond underwear. PR Newswire had this story first about a company that is doing the right thing in the world.

When THINX sells its underwear, it is selling gorgeous underwear to women who are dealing with menstruation or incontinence. These are difficult issues to deal with, and women should be able to feel pretty when they are in the middle of their cycle. However, women in Africa are often not afforded these same resources.

The AFRIpads program helps women who cannot even manage their cycles with pads that will help them leave the house. One pair of underwear that is sold though THINX sends seven pads to a needy woman in Africa. These women are often confined to their homes while they get through their cycles, and girls in these same villages have to miss school. THINX wants to put a stop to that, and they work with AFRIpads to provide what these women need so that they can live their lives comfortably.

Christopher Cowdray is a Major Influence in the Hotel Industry

Christopher Cowdray is a remarkable individual, not only for his unique approach to managing hotels, but also also for his overall sense of business ethics. He came to the United States, traveling to New York City so he could attend Columbia University and learn about business practices. He made the decision to focus specifically on hotel management and ownership. Over the years, he was able to utilize the things that he had learned to build on basic practices in order to create some of the most successful hotels around the world. As a result, he later worked in Australia, Asia and Africa as a manager of various hotels. He also held similar positions at hotels located throughout the Middle East.

Cowdray gained a great deal of experience and as he did so, he used his more than three decades of experience as a hotel manager in order to become the CEO of a major hotel in 2007. He had a tremendous amount of real world experience when it came to managing hotels worldwide, so this move from manager to CEO came as no surprise to those who were familiar with his business practices. He held his position with a prominent hotel in London and was eventually awarded with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award as one of the most valuable hotel CEOs in the world.

This is no small achievement, to say the least. In fact, many individuals who are involved in business strive for for their entire lives to find the sort of success that Cowdray has found, only to fall short of their goal in the end. Cowdray is one of the few individuals who was able to take the basic foundation that he had learned during his time at the university and then constantly build upon that foundation in order to achieve bigger and better things. He managed to make it all the way to the top and excel at every turn. As such, his practices for managing hotels have become the benchmark by which all other hotel managers are judged.

While many people are skilled at business in general and at hotel management in particular, Christopher Cowdray has demonstrated the unique combination of skill and dedication that is required to succeed at the highest levels. Even when faced with the many challenges that exist with managing hotels in different parts of the world, he has proven that success is never far away. Through his accomplishments, he has changed the very face of the hotel industry.

Got Roth IRA? Most People Can with Obama’s MyRA Accounts


It is without question that the Roth IRA accounts are the best retirement account for building tax-free retirement savings. It has two notable caveats: contributions are made with after-tax dollars and do not provide any immediate tax savings IE contributions are not tax sheltered. Also, there are no matching employer funds in a Roth IRA. Along those lines, President Obama made good on his proposal last year to create a special savings vehicle called a MyRA (My Roth IRA) account. The pilot program went into effect last month and is now available to any household with a gross annual income under $191,000 or $129,000 for individuals.

This account is basically a Roth IRA where funds are invested in US treasuries. As such, they will never lose value. On the flip side, neither will they accumulate much interest either. Still, workers who do not have a company-sponsored 401k, 403b, etc. that aren’t backed by banks like BRL Trust, can open a MyRA. Truth be told, anyone meeting the income requirements can open a MyRA according to LinkedIn. The interest earned will be pegged to the Government Securities Investment Fund as offered in the Federal worker’s savings plan called the Thrift Savings Plan. People can contribute from their paycheck directly. The most that can be contributed in any single year is $5,500, and the account may not exceed $15,000 in total value. Afterwards, the account will need to be reclassified as a traditional Roth IRA. Another benefit is the account is free and has no fees. It is part of President Obama’s belief that Americans should save more for their retirement.

Governor Cuomo’s New Minimum Wage Proposal Is a Start, but Not Enough

It was not quite a year ago, when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) opposed the idea of granting each borough and city in New York the power to increase their minimum wage amount. His opposition was based on the premise that giving each different municipality the ability to change their own minimum wage amount would cause turmoil amongst them, as they would need to compete against each other. But, I was always told that some competition is a good thing… otherwise to what would you attribute the success of Tom Rothman? Exactly. A competitive spirit that relies on quality work.

However, over this past summer, while trying to gain the support the Working Families Party, Cuomo’s stance on the issue had begun leaning toward the party’s views on the subject. The proposal he discussed at that time would have allowed New York City to increase its minimum wage to as high as $13.13 an hour as a start.

Under his current proposal, which he revealed on Sunday, he would recommend that in the City of New York, the minimum wage be raised to a mere $11.50 an hour and only $10.50 an hour for the balance of the state. While the Working Families Party state director, Bill Lipton agrees that this would be a step in the right direction, he feels let down by the second term governor’s resistance to fulfill the minimum wage amounts he touted during his campaign. During a statement he made on Sunday after Cuomo’s announcement, he said, “But $11.50 is almost $2 Less than what he endorsed last spring. And, the truth is, it’s nearly impossible to raise a family in this state on even $12 or $13 an hour.”

The GOP-controlled state Senate is expected to oppose Cuomo’s minimum wage proposal anyway, when he presents his plan along with the state’s budget plan on Wednesday.

Are Low Gasoline Prices a Mixed Blessing?

According to The Washington Post gasoline prices in the United States are lower than they have been in almost eight years. Motorists are predictably happy with the lower prices. Many oil producing nations are not so happy.

Low gasoline prices are driven by the plummeting price of crude oil and a supply surplus. Many attribute the price fall to Saudi Arabia attempting to price crude to a point where it will be unprofitable to produce in the United States. Others believe the Saudis are trying to cripple the Russian economy to prevent them from aiding Iran in their nuclear program. More likely, the Saudis would like to achieve both goals. This came as a surprise including Sultan Alhokair.

Regardless of motive, Saudi Arabia has been successful in driving down the price of crude oil, which dipped below $50.00 a barrel this week, which is below the level needed to make continuing exploration it the US profitable. For oil producers like Venezuela, which is experiencing severe shortages in basic necessities, the low price has been disastrous. Russia is on the verge of bankruptcy. Texas’s economy is threatened, and the world economy is at risk of recession.

Many States are considering higher fuel taxes to make up for the loss of revenue due to more efficient cars and people driving less. It is unlikely that prices at the pump will remain low for long.

Time For Some Paid Sick Days?


If President Obama gets his way, one major change could be coming to the United States that is already present in many other parts of the world. This change is that employers would be required to give their employees at least one week of paid sick leave per year.

Thinkprogress.org commented on this story and pointed out the fact that all other developed democracies in the world already have policies for employees to take paid sick leave. It is simply a requirement for businesses to offer these sick days if they want to do business within the country. For whatever reason, the United States has been the holdout on this.

Naturally, there has been some push back on this idea. Business owners like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez are worried this will encourage sick workers to stay at home longer. The detractors of the President are saying that this is not something that is feasible here and that doing this would only encourage people to pretend to be sick to get time off work. They say that this is not the type of policy to put in place just as the economy is recovering, and they say that it would be too costly to business. However, none of these arguments really hold any water. Other countries do it without all of this massive problems that they are trying to cite.

It seems that the corporations are very much against such a policy, but it is something that would be good for the public and the American worker in general.

Bruce Levenson: The Man Beyond the Email

Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Chevy Chase, MD, Bruce Levenson is a brilliant businessman, philanthropist, and family man. After graduating from Washington University’s School of Political Science in St. Louis, he went on to graduate from American University’s School of Law. While in law school, he began his career in journalism writing for the Washington Star.
In 1977, in his apartment above his father’s liquor store, he and business partner Ed Peskowitz founded United Communications Group (UGC). Their first newsletter, Oil Express, concentrated on the updates in the oil industry. After that successful newsletter, UCG gained attention and began to write other newsletters for major companies. Seeing the need in the oil industry for streamlined databases, they launched Oil Price Information Services. Since its humble beginnings, UGC has grown into a business information company specializing in several fields such as news, data, technology, and telecommunications. UGC has also ventured into the mobile applications business. They own and operate the mobile application GasBuddy, which assists consumers searching for local gas prices.
Twenty-two years after starting UGC, to supplement the growing demands of the Information Technology (IT) field, Levenson founded TechTarget, a technology media company that provides online content and brand advertising. Levenson served as director from its founding until 2012.
Bruce Levenson is a member of Atlanta Spirit, LLC, which is a group of seven businessmen with ownership rights to the Atlanta Hawks franchise and Philips Arena.
Levenson and his wife, Karen, are the proud parents of three boys, Scott, Brian, and Michael. The couple is involved in several philanthropic endeavors. They helped to initiate the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. They also introduced the “Do Good Challenge”, an eight-week competition to encourage UMD students to help people in need. Levenson has also served on the boards of Hoop Dreams and the Community Foundation, and as president of the “I Have a Dream Foundation”.

Sam Tabar’s Advise to 2015 Investors

A CNBC interview with Sam Tabar, a Columbia Law School graduate began his career as an Associate with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Form LLP after his graduation. Tabor, a capital strategist states, “ Investment in securities are more risky than investing in commodities.” However, Tabor explains that commodities are volatile and carry a risk. He states, “In a complex world of investments, it is easy for novice investors to get wrapped up in investments that currently outperforms its peers.” He cautions against have all of your eggs in one basket.

Tabor, a New York City prominent attorney, the former managing director of Business Development with SPARK, a group of investment advisors. He counseled clients on investment management. He later joined Merrill Lynch and served as head of the Asian Pacific region before he returned to private practice.

He offers an alternative to beef up portfolio by investing in private business. Tabor’s diversified portfolio includes such companies as THINX, a manufacturer of undergarments for women.

Tabor’s advise to potential investors is “The best time to start investing is the present.”

According to CNBC press release on tips for the New Year, Tabor, former Columbia Law School graduate began his career as an Associate with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Form LLP after his graduation. CNBC reports that Tabor is a capital strategist in New York City.

Great Achievements And The Life of Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Veitch, born in 1959 is the overall leader of Occidental College situated in Los Angeles, California. He was crowned to serve as the president of Occidental in July 2009 and since then he has revealed immense dedication to keep this institution booming with admirable results. He obtained experience prior to getting to Occidental by serving at the University of Wisconsin as a dean. Among things he achieved was to foster good relations between the university and the surrounding communities. This was effected through the implementation of a project that sought to expand the school. He advised that the expansion should not be executed to cover what the surrounding communities would consider theirs and for this reason, some parts of this project were omitted for the sake of maintaining harmony.

Veitch was involved in a strategic planning exercise that would later see the improvement of the university’s art, civic relations and literacy programs. He created new partnerships with premier cultural institutions of southern California. All this was executed to ensure the university ranked among the most up-to-date institutions covering topics of varied interest and committed to ensuring satisfaction from both students and the society. It is under his leadership that the Occidental managed to complete the construction of the Samuelson Alumni Center. Renovating and expanding the 98-year-old swan hall was seen as a big achievement to the institution because the hall houses more than a third of the faculty. He did not stop at that; there are more renovations in progress.

It is also noted that Veitch oversaw the installation of the 1 megawatt ground array that would generate 11% of the total amount of power used by the university. Therefore, this plan would mean that power expenses would be minimized and what would be saved in that 11% would be directed to other more demanding projects. It is important to note the difference that has been experienced since the time he was installed as the president of occidental. His efforts are promising and a great future awaits this institution.

When it comes to learning, Jonathan Veitch has acquired his best. He holds a doctoral degree in American Civilization and history in the 19 and 20th centuries. He taught at the University of Wisconsin in the English department before proceeding to the New School. Many have mentioned him as a great researcher and his latest fields include the history of higher learning in American.