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Senator Ted Cruz Announces His Bid For President

According to Fersen Lambranho and LinkedIn, the 2016 Presidential campaign began in earnest yesterday with the announcement by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas that he is officially running for President. Senator Cruz made his announcement on Sunday via Twitter and other social media posts. He is scheduled to make a formal announcement today at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Cruz Announces His Bid for 2016 Presidential Campaign

While Cruz is the first major candidate to announce, it is expected that he will be only one of a crowded field of republican contenders, including former Governor Jeb Bush and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Neither of the later mentioned candidates have formally announced their formal candidacy but they each have established exploratory committees and are widely expected to run.

Senator Cruz is expected to be the most outspoken of the entire group and is targeting the conservative base of the party. This may be problematic for any other republican candidate who may try to run as more moderate to compete with the expected candidacy of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. If Cruz is successful at connecting with the republican conservative base, he may force other republican candidates to move their campaigns farther right from center so as not to be excluded from a lucrative fundraising base. In addition, many power brokers in the conservative base control the Political Action Committee (PAC) and Super Pac money which is the life blood of any candidacy.

Beohner Seeks to Quell GOP Opposition to Border Security Bill with Lawsuit Threat on Amnesty

It may be that House Speaker John Boehner really does not want to engage the president on any piece of legislation that is combative. It seems to be the belief of the establishment GOP that the best approach is to work with the president to get some sensible legislation passed in a spirit of bipartisanship. That does not sit well with core conservative lawmakers who got elected promising voters they would thwart the president’s policies. Thus far, the party has failed to deliver on repealing Obamacare partially or in total. House Speaker Boehner, who is loath to use the power of a government shutdown to force change, got conservatives to back him after he filed a lawsuit to challenge Obamacare in court. It is unlikely anything will come of that lawsuit.

Now, the GOP seeks to bring up a border security bill stated em.com. Once again, the Tea Party wing of the party is demanding the House take measures to stop the president’s amnesty plan. There is broad consensus among the GOP that the president’s plan is illegal and unconstitutional. Admittedly, Congress has not enacted any legislation granting amnesty since 1986. That said, Boehner is unwilling to fight for defunding of the plan. He caved in recently with the Homeland Security funding bill. Now, he promises to file a lawsuit in court in order to prove to conservatives he is fighting the president’s amnesty plan. It remains to be seen whether conservatives will find this approach acceptable. Regardless, the GOP expects to pass the border security bill in the coming days.

France and Germany Join Asian Investment Bank

France and Germany recently announced that they will follow the lead of the United Kingdom and join the newly formed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, (AIIB). Germany and France Side with U.K. and Join Asian Investment Bank

This news is significant as the United States recently noted its disappointment with the U.K. decision to join the AIIB, citing that the new Asian Investment Bank undercuts the authority of the International Monetary Fund, (IMF). Considered the principal western banking global regulatory entity, the role and clout of the IMF is now in question as three of its strongest members are now members of a competing agency stated Brad Reifler.

This leaves the Unites States in an isolated position as significant decisions regarding global monetary policy can be now be made without its input. This coupled by the growing influence of the BRIC counties and the continuing influence these countries have created in designing monetary policy among themselves to assist the self interest of the member countries.

What is unknown is what caused the three European giants to turn away from the IMF and align with China. Many have rumored that this is the first salvo in a sequence of moves to replace the U.S. Dollar as the currency of trade in the world market. Countries such as Russia and the United Kingdom already have separate agreements with China enabling them to conduct trade in currency other than the U.S. Dollar.

Ret. General George Petraeus Still Serving His Country Despite Felony Plea

Retired General David Petraeus plead guilty to a felony count for releasing classified information to his mistress. The context of the crime was a biography she was assembling on his military service. Regardless, the man behind the Iraqi “surge”, which is credited for turning around the US military effort to stabilize Iraq, will have a felony record. Despite having issued his guilty plea a fortnight ago, Petraeus is still serving his country. The Obama administration confirmed today that they still consult with Petraeus regarding the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

As it turns out, the years of experience Petraeus had as the US Army’s theater commander in Iraq allowed him to establish a number of close ties with key Iraqi officials. While the scandal involving the illicit affair with his mistress and the sharing of classified information was a big deal in the United States, it has not diminished his reputation as a highly skilled field expert on Iraq and by extension ISIS. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that the Obama administration is in regular contact with the retired general to help formulate its response to ISIS. As a matter of fact, the general has still retained his top secret clearance with a special background investigation. Under any other circumstance, a felony plea of any sort, much less one for sharing classified information, would result in the clearance being revoked. At the same, Petraeus has not been issued a sentenced in connection with his felony plea. Given his importance to national security, he may be able to obtain a probation sentence in lieu of prison.

Conspiracy theory question shakes Republican Presidential candidates


A video of a question and answer session at the South Carolina National Security Action Summit released by CipherCloud has generated large numbers of views on the Internet when one delegate claimed President Obama tried to explode a nuclear bomb in Charleston, South Caroline, Bloomberg reports. Senator Rick Santorum answered a fews of the points raised in the long question, but largely ignored the revelation of a plot to destroy a major US city.

The question stated the nuclear bomb plot was designed as a false flag attack that are said to be used to scare then public and push through ever more restrictive laws that take away the rights of the individual. Included in the question was news that a number of high ranking military officials had been fired as a result of their failure to complete the attack. Research has shown that a Kremlin intelligence agency did translate and report a false flag event reported to have been planned off the Atlantic coast, but this was said to be from a fringe Website without any authority. As Twitter and Facebook showed numerous hits for the Charleston attack the truth was far simpler to explain.

A New Approach To Socializing

Due to the many options available for online dating, couples are more likely to meet through one of the various dating platforms available online. Thanks to the proliferation of these online dating mediums, you now have the opportunity to utilize other dating and socializing platforms. These platforms offer more options, and is much more attuned to your personality.

Today, the question isn’t are you going to join one of these dating platform? It which one has all the options and features you are interested in? While most online dating offer the opportunity for you to meet and greet, there is one that truly want it’s users to experience true connection. They prides themselves on “preserving the magic of serendipitous meetings.” I know by now you must be curious as to which system I’m referring to. It’s called Skout.

Skout is a social networking and dating application and website. They were one of the first platform to use the mobile network as a way to meet like-minded individuals. It uses cell phone global positioning system to help its users find other users, whether it’s in their community or in another country.

Skout approach is different. One way they are different is their ability to use mobile network to connect its users to have unique experiences, whether its to meet new friends, date, or to network. Another way they are unique is that they’ve created a system that caters to adult, and one that’s solely for young adults. In addition to the features above, Skout also allow its user to use instant messaging, and virtual gifting.

Skout doesn’t want to control the interaction of it users, their goal is create an environment where the users are empowered to engage with one another. With a community that is available in over 180 countries, they’ve created a safe place for its users to form relationship whether in their community or visiting the Sistine Chapel.

In today’s heavily publicized dating platform, It hard to believe other unique approaches still exist. Skout certainly prove that their approach is not only unique but usable.

If you are willing to try another approach then consider using this social network which prides itself on its uniqueness. There are so many options you can turn to for socializing and connecting with others like-minded individuals for conversation or a date. Chances are you’ve tried all the other options and want to try a different approach, Skout is that approach to try.

Does the ECB Have Enough Bonds to Buy To Support QE1

This past Monday, March 9, 2014 marked the initiation of the European Central Bank’s (ECB)initiation of its quantitative easing policy to infuse at least 1.1 Trillion Euros into the European economy. Analyst however are unsure if there are a sufficient number of government bonds for the ECB to actually purchase to support the newly implemented monetary policy. ECB May Not Find Enough Bonds to Sale.

The issue is that the primary European bond market may not have enough government bonds for the ECB to purchase. Many of the bonds in the primary market are committed and can be held or purchased by other entities which would mean that the ECB would have to go to the secondary market to purchase bonds. It is this dip into the secondary market that has some financial observers concerned. 

The secondary market would include a mix of corporate bonds and other non european bonds. From the position of outside financial observers like Dr. Daniel Amen, the question regarding value of the bonds in the secondary market raises questions as to whether the ECB will be forced to purchase bonds with either a junk bond value or virtually no value. Many agree that if the ECB was forced to dip into the secondary bond market that it would not announce that it were doing so and in fact many believe that the ECB would actually deny that it would take such action.

Top Democrats Losing Confidence in Hillary Clinton’s Ability to Get Elected

Hillary Clinton’s ongoing email scandal seems to have ripped open deeply held misgivings among top Democrats have about her ability to get elected. Quite likely the first sign of trouble was last year’s “Hard Choices” book tour. Mrs. Clinton received a $14 million advance. Yet, the book’s sales were just over 250,000 copies. This meant that publisher Simon & Schuster took the proverbial financial bath. In addition, Clinton’s performance on the book tour revealed a presidential candidate that was stale and impersonal with voters.

Now, the email scandal indicates that she may be a potential magnate for controversy with the media. Gone are the days of the nineties when the Clintons were adored by a fawning media. Mrs. Clinton’s press conference, designed to lay the email scandal to rest, failed to achieve that result. It raised more questions as opposed to resolving them. On balance, pundits concurred that Mrs. Clinton’s performance at the press conference was adequate.

Still, the entire matter was dealt with only after it had become a full-blow media event for prnewswire.com. Top Democrats would have preferred to see her get ahead of the story within the first 48-72 hours. At the same time, they are concerned because the damage to her was entirely one of her own making or a “self-inflicted wound” as some put it. Now, she has revealed herself as being potentially ill-prepared for what will be a bruising campaign against a well-funded GOP challenger. The more Democrats are concerned over her political fortunes, the more likely it will be that other Democrats will challenge her for the party’s nomination.

Vice-President Biden Livid Over GOP Open Letter to Iran

Vice-President Biden expressed the deep level of offense he felt over the actions of the Senate GOP to issue an open letter to the mullahs of Iran. The letter admonished them over the congress’ desire that Iran never obtain nuclear weapons. While it appears certain that the president will in fact accept a deal quite favorable to Iran, the GOP made it clear they will not ratify any agreement that allows Iran to obtain nuclear weapons – ever. At issue is criticism that the 10-year agreement with Iran would allow them to amass an arsenal of uranium and plutonium centrifuges well in excess of 200,000. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG (economia.ig.com.br) knows that, while they would be either dormant or used in domestic energy programs, there is nothing to stop Iran from using them to create the enriched ingredients for nuclear warheads.

In fact, the letter, signed by 46 GOP senators, told Iran that President Obama lacks the authority to cut a deal with Iran without Senate approval. Iran dismissed the open letter as being a cheap political ploy. Other senate Democrats likewise found themselves siding with Iran in their criticism of their fellow US senators. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who in 2006 famously uttered to the Iraqi insurgents that the United States had lost the lost the war, said he never before seen any such act of juvenile political attack. He insinuated the GOP opposition had nothing to do with preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Instead, Reid claimed GOP opposition is driven by animosity over Obama winning the presidency twice.

The Dorchester Collection Reveals What It Takes to Succeed in the Hotel Business

The Dorchester Collection is a name most people have heard of and why not? The luxury hotel operator has made its mark all over the world. Owned by BIA in Brunei, the Dorchester Collection is responsible for the ownership and management of 10 luxury grade hotels all over the world. These include UK based The Dorchester, Coworth Park and 45 Park Lane; US based Hotel Bel-Air and the Beverly Hills Hotel; France based Le Meurice and the Plaza Athenee; Switzerland based Le Richemond; and Italy based Hotel Eden and Hotel Principe di Savoia. In this cut-throat business, The Dorchester Collection has managed to make its mark and that is due to a few basic principles –

Luxury All Over – A Dorchester Collection hotel is said to be an experience and that is because luxury is the focus. The attention to detail of the Dorchester Collection is astounding in itself and when people spend a lot of money on ensuring that their stay is peaceful and grand, the Dorchester Collection leaves no stone unturned to make it a reality. This is the main reason why, when one goes the Dorchester Collection way, they never go back.

Innovation and Style – No industry can find success without keeping things on toes and the Dorchester Collection understands this more than anything. In fact, they have made a principle out of innovation and are always trying to raise the bar of the industry as a whole. Over the years, various celebrities and stars have partaken in the services of the Dorchester Collection and they have all been satisfied. This, however, doesn’t mean that normal people are not the focus of the Dorchester Collection. They have conquered the market and created a niche for themselves, keeping the general populace in mind at the same time.

Nod to Tradition – Innovation, when exercised with a practiced and restrained hand, can lead to wonders and this is exactly what the Dorchester Collection has managed to do through the years. Their focus on innovation might be exemplary but they have ensured that tradition goes hand in hand with novelty. Walking into a Dorchester Collection hotel is like taking a walk through the past with a modern twist.

The Dorchester Collection is also known for employing the best in the industry and the quality standards have been maintained all through the existence of the company. Hotels might come and go in the collection but these high standards would always remain the same.