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Are you in need of quality financial advisory business? Do you need the guidance of someone who has already achieved tremendous success in the business world? Perhaps you have heard about Jim Hunt of VTA Publications and the tremendous help he provides to both new and veteran investors.

VTA Publications is a well established company that teaches wealth management and investment advisory. This established company has been delivering exceptional services for years and great numbers of people have benefited significantly from their services. They have clients and members from all walks of life and their database of pleased customers and clients keeps growing at a swiftly, signifying that the enterprise is reliable.


Stock trading is an awesome way to make money and lots of individuals are attracted to this market or model of achieving financial success. Fortunes have been made and are being made by those who grasp and apply the secrets to success in stock trading.


Jim is a highly successful stock trader and business person. He has many businesses and has been investing in a vast array of opportunities, including the stock market. Jim is a great motivator and coach and he has what it takes to guide people to success. His courses and training materials are top notch, and are available from VTA Publications – a highly renowned company in the industry.


Jim Hunt believes that just like any other endeavor, the ability to keep learning and moving forward will inevitably bring about success. He encourages everyone who is interested in attaining wealth and success to get access to high quality courses and get the right knowledge before proceeding.


Jim Hunt also wants people to know that when you start to pursue a worthwhile goal, such as stock trading or any other wealth building endeavor, it is advisable to let any negative people around you know that you do not need their opinion. It is important to keep in mind that you don’t need anybody’s approval before you can pursue your goals. Make it a habit to associate with motivating and positive individuals and they will inspire you.  Find VTA on CrunchBase to learn more about them.

Goettl Air Conditioning Warns Lack Of Maintenace Linked To Respiratory Illness

Did you know lack of air conditioning maintenance proliferates bacteria in the home, intensifying respiratory illnesses? Goettl air conditioning founder, Ken Goodrich says regular ac maintenance does a lot more than keep you comfortable.

The lack of maintenance of these equipment causes bacteria to disperse in the air that then enters the lungs causing diseases such as pneumonia, asthma, among others. A study, performed by the National Institute of Health confirms that the bacteria that causes various respiratory diseases are the most common in air conditioners. Bacteria are not the only problem. There are multiple fungi that can grow in air conditioners and cause very serious health problems, such as pharyngitis, headaches, and migraines, which can be confused with other types of illnesses. “Add a carpet to this problem and you have a magic recipe for dozens of possible diseases and infections,” says one Goettl air conditioning technician.

The most dangerous air pollutants, by air conditioning system, are the bacterium legionella phneumophila, responsible for pneumonia and fungi aspergillus niger and aspergillus fumigatus, which cause rhinitis and asthma. With proper maintenance, such as changing filters every two months complimented by good hygiene of the unit, homeowners can avoid contracting these health conditions. “If more of the population knew how important proper maintenance was and the health risks involved, more people would schedule ac maintenance,” says a Goettl ac technician. There’s no need for panic, yet a simple ac checkup could probably decrease health care costs, especially for those with respiratory illnesses.

Is It Time To Upgrade

It may be time to upgrade your ac unit and if so, what type of air conditioning unit should you buy? That depends on the space where the unit is going, and the number of occupants in the home. In addition to climatizing a home, look for a unit that offers other added values like energy savings, options to purify the air, and warranties. The latest technology offers a range of options like inverter technology that cools rooms faster, or units that focus on emitting less CO2 in the environment and those that use recycled materials. There are many variables when upgrading a unit and a Goettl technician can help narrow down the choices.

Goettl air conditioning offers residential and commercial services, and provides maintenance, installations, and central air unit replacements. Homeowners can keep up to date with repair and replacement tips on Goettl’s Facebook page and visit their blog for HVAC information.

Dispelling Myths About Women By Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is one of Texas’s super surgeons because of the care and expertise she takes with each patient. Jennifer Walden  was born in the state of Texas. She lived most of her young life in Austin with her parents. Her father and mother both were big inspirations on her choice to become a doctor. Jennifer’s dad, a talented dentist and her mother, the medical surgical nurse spent much of their off time going to games and special events that Jennifer was involved in. Jennifer won an All-state soccer award while attending High school. She was always very outgoing and ready to tackle the world.


Men and women both have the misconceptions when it comes to female genitalia and plastic surgery. Women believe, that after childbirth, their private parts will never be the same. Men believe women could work harder to get back to their perfect shape. Because of these two different ideas, Jennifer began offering lectures and information to both men and women about the subject. She began advertising about the Labiaplasty which helps to decrease the size of the female private areas. She helped both men and women to see that they had their own myths about the subject. This all lead to the discovery of the myths about vaginal rejuvenation and the hopes that she can retrain the way people think.


According to her talk show lectures, Jennifer Walden hopes to help everyone understand what it takes to stay young and look young. She lived in New York for a time and then chose to move back to Texas to raise her sons. Her medical degree came from the University of Texas. While she was in New York, she worked with a surgeon in Manhattan. Working with the eye, ear, and throat surgeon helped Jennifer to have a better understanding and hope for the future of plastic surgery. Jennifer loves to work with others and hopes she can make a difference in every patient’s life. Some of her work includes mommy makeovers, plastic surgery for teenagers, plastic or cosmetic surgery for movie stars, and procedures such as Botox. Jennifer Walden hopes she can make the difference in the way young and old look at cosmetic surgery.


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Safety Is What Securus Technology Cares About

At Securus Technology, it is all about safety. They are a company that creates special technology to assist in the criminal and civil aspects of justice. They also help with the prisoners. That is why they developed the video visitations that are being used in a lot of correction facilities, especially for this Christmas. The video visitations allow a prisoner to feel like they are a part of their loved one’s holiday, even though they can’t be there in person, they can see and hear them opening presents and celebrating in all kinds of ways. It makes the prisoners a lot happier and calmer.


They have also decided to put out a number of commercials all during the month of December about the video visitations, in an effort to get the public’s awareness. They want them to know how good this is for the morale of the prisoners, and in turn, it keeps the correction facilities at less risk of anyone getting upset at such an important part of the year. The commercials are going to help people understand how important the video visitations are, and why they are especially needed at the holiday – to make the prisoner also feel that they are loved and missed at the holiday time.


Using technology to instill safety for the people is what Securus Technology has been doing for a very, long time. They want to create a better world, and seeing what they can create, they will succeed in the future. Their workers are dedicated and determine professionals that stop at nothing to get their work completed. Some of their missions are very difficult indeed, but they never give up, and they complete the work for the better of all. They all want the world to be a better place for everyone, and it will be.

Cone Marshall The Leading Legal Entity

Cone Marshall is a legal entity that has been in existence for quite a long time working with families internationally and their advisors too. The company helps its clients in global wealth planning. The company has served very major institutions such as banks, attorneys, family advisors and trustees among others helping them to plan effectively for their clients.


The Cone Marshall Law firm provides administrative services, trust, succession and full New Zealand tax related services. The company has very well trained personnel who handle clients with an utmost diligence which has made the law firm among the most sought after in the New Zealand. Whenever a client makes any inquiry it’s held with a lot of confidentiality and professionalism. Karen Marshall is among the leading principals in the law firm and has practiced law for decades which makes her formulate and implement great strategies for the company helping it serve clients in the best way always. Cone Marshall Law firm has existed for 17 years being formed in 1999. It’s located at Parnell House in Auckland, Auckland 1151, level 3. Geoffrey Cone who is a long time legal practitioner founded the Cone Marshall Law firm. He attended Otago University New Zealand where he graduated from. He holds LLB honors and a post graduate in trust and tax law. Auckland is where Mr. Cone began his law practice in 1980. He now has over 30 years of practice giving him a vast experience in the field.


Karen Marshall has over 20 years practicing law. She worked in London for ten years before joining Cone Marshall in a law firm. While in London she was serving in the law firm in its Commercial Litigation Department where she always delivered very excellent services. Cone Marshall has addressed major legal issues which help New Zealand citizens understand issues which could not be easy to comprehend without a legal practitioner. He has addressed issues concerning an increase in some foreign trusts explaining that New Zealand has a global recognition as a safe, stable, jurisdiction with well-crafted laws, substantial legal and professional structure and a very well regarded judiciary. He clarified that New Zealand had earned global reputation making it a safe place for one to base his/her assets. On tax and trust adherence Cone Marshall has been on the forefront. Cone Marshall is also completely transparent and ensures services accorded to its clients are top notch. The company also offers the best advice on trust law and international tax.

Fabletics And The Importance Of Strategy And Positioning

The fashion industry is a very competitive industry. For one thing, this is where the person walks the thin line of creativity and practicality. While there is the temptation to create and try to sell something that is off the wall, there is the consideration of what customers want. After all, it is important that customers get what they want so that they will be more willing to buy from the company. At the same time, it is important to provide something unique in order to have an easier time to attract the customers. Fabletics is one of the companies that has managed both.

One of the ways that they are being successful is by using the positioning and other forms of strategy in order to make sure that they are able to enjoy success. One of the things they are doing to maximize their success is capitalizing on the popularity and the recognition they are receiving. For one thing, Fabletics are using the fame they have reached to attract people to their physical locations. For one thing, not everyone wants to shop for clothes online. There are people who see shopping as an experience that is meant to be had in person.

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Kate Hudson Gushes Over Athletic Line Fabletics

Among the advantages people get when they are shopping in stores and at malls is that they get to see what types of clothes could fit them. Fabletics provides many different styles and fits. This allows people to figure out what they are going to need so that they will be able to enjoy a greater sense of style in fashion. Kate Hudson, CEOs of Fabletics is looking to use both the online and the physical aspects of their business in order to make sure that they are getting the experience they need when it comes to shopping.

Among the comparisons the owners make of themselves with Fabletics is to Apple. Apple is one of the companies that have been made successful with the use of expert marketing and positioning. They also make sure that they are providing some of the best products on the market. Fabletics does some of the same stuff. They come up with some great strategies in order to attract customers. Among the strategies Fabletics use is reverse showroom strategies. With this strategy, they take the time to build relationships with customers who would shop at one store and try to buy any item they find cheaper at another store. This is also prevented by providing items that could not be found anywhere else.

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Rapid Response Is Critical When Dealing With A Reputation Crisis

Online reputation management requires businesses and business-savvy persons to be very proactive. Any passive attitudes in the face of a reputation assault are going to be ruinous. The awful comments or rude campaigns online are bad enough. Those who look the other way and allow such problems to go unaddressed are only going to make matters worse. Or more accurately, they are going to allow truly bad things to grow and fester. Non-action simply is unacceptable.

As one of the entertainment industry’s best publicist suggests, a defensive strategy must already be in place to respond. A quick response is necessary in order to address and curtail the fallout from a reputation crisis. A crisis can take many different forms but, if steps are taken in advance to deal with a scenario when it arises, many issues can be fixed relatively quickly. For example, a horrible review could be “buried” by the publication of ten good reviews rather quickly.

According to experts form OnlineReputationReviews.com, more serious reputation management issues are going to require a more pronounced and measured response. A response to the filing of a civil suit would likely be handled by the issuance of a press release at the appropriate time and to an equally appropriate venue.

Regardless of what type of problem emerges, the important point is work must be done without delay. A professional team has to be in place in order to handle the work immediately. Companies with a huge budget could afford an in-house team, but the average small business owner or entrepreneur is not working with a huge staff — if any staff.

The good news for all who may need reputation management services is there are companies capable of providing this type of work. All manner of businesses — small one or large-scale enterprises — can call on a reputation management firm to help out. The firm’s professional will know what to do and put the necessary work into motion.

Two main points can never be stressed enough here. The response has to be quick and those doing the responding must be experts in their field.


Jason Halper’s JMH Development Topps Off the South Aloft Beach

Jason Halpern is a New York-based property developer. JMH Development is a family business under his control since 2010. The company has invested over $500 million in projects in New York. The 184 Kent developments are one of the major developments undertaken by the company. The Cobble Hill Project Townhouses are under JMH Development’s responsibility. For this reason, the company added nine townhouses to the Brooklyn Area.


JMH Development is a leading property development company with many years of professional experience in the development of commercial and residential properties in the United States. JMH Development has pioneered the development of well-positioned and unique properties win an innovative approach to creating luxury category distinctive approach in markets like Brooklyn. The company has completed the 184 Kent Avenue major renovations that result in the residential rentals in Brooklyn. 184 Kent Avenue received the 2001 Brooklyn Award. In the recent past, JMH Development has cut across the Cobble Hill Townhouses. This is a collection of nine townhouse luxury apartment. The company is committed to creating high-quality and successful properties in the country.


Starwood Resorts & Hotels Worldwide, Inc. is one of the leading leisure and hotel firms in the universe. It has over 1,200 real estate developments in more than 100 countries. The company has a record of more than 180,000 employees. Starwood is a fully-integrated operator, owner franchiser. The company also owns residential cottages and resorts with other international brands including The Luxury Collection, St. Regis, Westin, W Hotels, Sheraton, Meridian, Element, Aloft, and Four Points. The company also boasts of the loyalty program in the leading Starwood Guests that allows you to redeem and earn points for flights, room stays, and room upgrades. Starwood also owns the Starwood Ownership Vocation, Inc. This is a high-end vacation experience through privileged access to villa-style resorts.


Aloft Hotels have over 14 countries in the world waiting for their high-end services and more than 100 hotels open by now. The Aloft Brand Starwood delivers a better approach to landscape hotels. For the traveling generation, this brand offers a high-end experience coupled up with the different modern-style designs.


Under the leadership of Jason Halpern, JMH Development and the Madden Property Ventures, have sought the adaptive reuse of the project under the Aloft South Beach. The motel Ankara includes the nine-story tower. The 235-room resort will be opened in 2015 in Miami Beach. Plaza Construction company is handling the construction part of the project. ADD, Inc., on the other hand, is handling the architects part of the project. The South Aloft Beach with is the first-of-its-kind to be opened in this Beach. It offers larger rooms than their competitors. According to Halpern, they are excited to reach the topping off of the hotel.


What the world of merchandising means for Kenneth Goodgame

The newest appointee to the position of chief merchandising officer by the True value company is Kenneth Goodgame. He has been working with the company for a couple of years now in junior positions but still in the merchandising department. The experience that he has in merchandising spans over three decades and this is more than the experience that he needs to handle the demands that come with the newly attained position.

One of the skills that he has learned over the years, and which he applies in all his endeavors is the principle of value addition. Kenneth states that value addition is a tricky form of marketing because sometimes, regardless of the amount of value addition you do, the customers may not appreciate it. He states that in a social experiment where shoppers are faced with the decision of buying a value added item or service and a similar brand that is of lower quality and lower cost, he states that most of the times, the customers will move towards the item with the smaller price tag. What makes one successful as a merchandiser in this case therefore, is trying to help the customers understand the true value of the value added goods or services.

The best way to make customers see the sense in value addition is focused advertising. This can be done both at the local and national levels. He also states that the model that he has adopted has helped him create more than 10 percent growth in business sales for his company. This is evident in his sales report for the last quarter that he has worked as a merchandiser with the True Value Company where he registered a 9 percent business growth. Kenneth says that his secret weapon for all this success is the OEM model of marketing. He also makes use of the SKY EDLP program and as a result, the sales in his departments have been growing very steadily for the past five years.

Kenneth Goodgame is a University of Tennessee graduate in Marketing. He has a vast experience in his field a merchandiser and if the sales record in his current position are anything to go by, the sky is the limit for him.

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Kenneth Goodgame leads True Value Company to success


James Dondero Becomes Member of Executive Board at Local Business School

Recently, the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University appointed James Dondero to the Executive Board. At this new position, James would continue to expand his commitment to the business school. He and his firm Highland Capital Management have already endowed the school with the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Program. With this program, a number of students will be able to pursue a number of academic and professional opportunities. The program recognizes top students and provides them with the mentorship they need to work towards their future. By becoming a member of the Executive Board, James Dondero will be able to allow the business school to give students the guidance they need in order to achieve their goals.

James Dondero is a financier who co founded the firm Highland Capital Management in 1993. Since the early 1990’s, Dondero has helped lead the firm to becoming one of the top in its industry. James built the firm to help meet the needs of a number of large institutional investors. He offers a number of services such as hedge fund management, equity securities and also collateralized loan obligations. With these services, Dondero has been able to help investors better manage and allocate their financial resources. As a result, James has been a major contributor to helping a number of institutions bolster the economy. By making this firm very successful, James has expanded to international markets in countries such as South Korea, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

Prior to starting up the firm Highland Capital Management, James went to college to study finance and accounting. He attended the University of Virginia and graduated with high honors. As a distinguished student, James would seek out opportunities in the finance industry. His first job was working as a trainee and credit analyst. This provided him with valuable work experience that would help him advance his career. During his career, he would advance to higher positions and continue to learn the finance industry. Dondero would eventually attain the position of chief investment officer. At this position, he would manage large amounts of capital for major corporations.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-joins-southern-methodist-university-cox-school-of-business-board-300355998.html