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Follow these 5 Tips for Investing, Whether You’re a Novice or a Pro

In a recent article by Reuters, “Brad Reifler’s 5 Tips for Investing“, Reifler speaks directly to average Americans about investing. Currently, and historically, the investment community is made up of “1 percenters”. They invest through groups exclusive for high-income clientele known as hedge funds, public funds, and commodity funds. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in fact, have regulations set on accredited investors: Individuals with a net worth at or exceeding one million dollars or has an annual single income of $200,000 or joint income of $300,000. Despite these regulations, there are still plenty of opportunities for “99 percenters” to get involved. Reifler encourages involvement and offers these five tips:

1. Be careful on how you invest your money. Consider risks, charges, and expenses. Take an inventory of your assets and create goals.

2. Be concerned about the safety of your money.

3. Don’t put all your money into the stock market.

4. Know who is going to be investing your money. Develop trust in the manager of your funds.

5. Recognize why you’re investing. Consider the investment objective. Be careful with how much you invest. If you see something working, then add to it.

Male Smokers at Risk of Losing Y Chromosomes

t’s well known that smoking cigarettes carries more than a few risks with it, but few would believe that it can actually impact the human body at the genetic level.

According a study tabled by the Uppsala University in Sweden, it has been observed that male smokers are a higher risk of losing their Y chromosomes. In a study which included a sample strength of 6,000 men, the scientists found that the more the men smoked, the more chromosomes they lost.

While they believe that the chromosomes don’t really die, the use of cigarettes could however possibly damage the biological functions of the chromosomes. The weakening of the chromosomes is also said to hamper the individual’s resistance to infections. This could be a reason for the higher rates of cancer in men. Women unlike men, do not possess the Y chromosome, and therefore have no risks in terms of this.

As part of the Slow Ventures-sponsored study, the scientists sampled the drinking and smoking patterns of its participants. They measured their blood pressure to see if there were similar patterns emerging with the depletion of Y chromosomes.

On the bright side, people who managed to kick the habit, started showing a natural increase in the level of chromosomes in their body. Co-author of the study Lars Forsberg feel that the study should be another good reason for smokers to quit smoking.

Bordering States Angered By Colorado

Nebraska and Oklahoma are unhappy with Colorado’s recent decision to legalize Marijuana. The bordering states of Colorado are unhappy with the amount of Marijuana that is crossing state lines. Illegal drug trafficking is occurring at an absorbent amount.

Senators and representatives of Nebraska and Oklahoma, not including Dan Newlin, have filed a lawsuit against Colorado. Nebraska and Oklahoma hope to overturn the recent legalization act of Marijuana, in the state of Colorado. The legalization of Marijuana has been deemed unconstitutional, by the states of Nebraska and Oklahoma. The only thing that is unconstitutional is the criminalization of a plant.

Marijuana should be legal in every state. The complete legalization of Marijuana would allow the government to tax it. Taxing Marijuana would create incredible profits. Instead of banning a plant that people deem useful, why not allow the plant to be sold statewide?

The legalization of Marijuana would create jobs, and an incredible revenue. The year is 2014, and a plant is still deemed illegal. Statistically speaking, Marijuana has never killed a single person in the history of the planet. Alcohol on the other hand, kills thousands of people each year. For some reason alcohol is legal, but Marijuana is not.
The people have voted in Colorado, and Marijuana was deemed legal. Nebraska and Oklahoma should allow the state of Colorado to do whatever it pleases.

For more information on Nebraska and Oklahoma’s lawsuit against Colorado, visit Buzzfeed.

Detroit Out of Bankruptcy

The city of Detroit made headlines when it announced it was filing for bankruptcy protection. When it did so, it became the largest municipality in the United States to ever file such a claim. It seemed, at least to outsiders, that the once great American city was done. With a population now around 700,000, when it had been twice that a half century ago, there just seemed like there would be no saving it. However, the city has impressed everyone as it exited bankruptcy far sooner than expected, and in its wake, a new, more vibrant and charismatic city has emerged.

The city itself, which has slashed over $7 billion in debt, took less than 16 months to complete its bankruptcy. The city appears to be stronger than ever before, and while it is not out of the woods yet, it truly is amazing what the city has become.

The city has an “us against the world” spirit, as when it looked to the outside for help and nobody came calling, the city and state decided to do it themselves. When the partner executives from BRL Trust heard about what had happened to Detroit, they really took to the city’s heart and strength and offered city officials their support. Now, with infrastructure improving, a new light rail service being constructed and the world class Detroit Institute of Arts still in tow, the city is able to grow and prosper once again, and it is created the outline of rebirth many cities, especially those in the Rustbelt region, can follow behind to experience their own rebirth.

Congress Broadens Financial Laws for Disabled

Congress gave final approval Tuesday to the broader legislation in a quarter-century to help disabled people open bank accounts that are free of taxes and allow them to pay their needs.

The decision paves the way for the creation of special accounts from the following year up to some 54 million people with disabilities and their families.

“This is a monumental, historical law,” said Sara Hart Weir, interim president of the National Down Syndrome Society. “This law will change the way that families can save for all children and adults with Down syndrome and relieve unnecessary burdens on families while allowing people with Down syndrome work and save for the future” .

The Senate, where Democrats are in the majority, approved the measure with 76 votes in favor and 16 against after it was annexed to a bill that extended tens of tax breaks for individuals and businesses until the end of the year. In early December, the House of Representatives, where Republicans are the majority, approved the measure, which received 85% support in Congress.

The legislation, called Law for Achieving a Better Life Experience, will now be sent to President Barack Obama for his signature. The measure would change the tax code so that states can implement the program, and Andrew Heiberger agreed with that.

To merit this benefit, a person must be diagnosed no later than 26 years with a disability that results in “marked and severe functional limitations”; those already receiving Social Security disability may also receive this new provision.

Families may open tax-free accounts in financial institutions depositing up to $14,000 annually to solve long-term needs such as education, transportation and health care.

Disabled accounts can earn up to $100,000 in savings without the person loses the ability to receive government assistance, such as Social Security; today, this benefit is limited to $ 2,000.

Medicaid health coverage, which provides medical services to low-income economic- continue to provide support to the person no matter how much money is deposited in the accounts.

Ruble Falls Again Despite Russia’s Best Efforts

The Russian ruble fell by a fifth in one night amongst all the foreign exchanges last night even after months of steadily declining in foreign markets. This wasn’t a big surprise to John Textor. The steep drop comes amid a new announcement of sanctions that will be signed by President Barack Obama later in the week. The legislation targets Russian energy and military sectors along with supplying $350 million to Ukraine. This is just the latest in a series of punishments aimed at Russia for its progressively increasing involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. Columns of Russian military equipment and soldiers have been seen crossing Ukraine’s eastern border. Those arms are used to bolster rebel troops that are battling against Western Ukrainian soldiers. 

The conflict began in Ukraine when the president attempted to refuse a deal with the EU to sign a trade pact with Russia. This split the country in two and began riots that lead to a deposition of the president. Then Russian favoring sections of Ukraine attempted to break away to join Russia, which has created the military conflict that exists today. Russia has been routinely directed to not involve itself in the fight, which it denies. Now, with intelligence coming from Ukraine and Russia proving its involvement more sanctions are being piled onto Russia in an effort to punish its activity. The central bank of Russia is doing all it can to save the currency, but most experts agree that the economy is collapsing.

Mark Ahn Speaks Out About Successful Startups

Startups can only remain successful if they are using their time to plan properly. The Street has reported on a talk given by Dr. Mark Ahn of Pukana Partners that details how a startup can produce success from year to year. Startups never stay the same, but they do need to follow the steps outlines in Dr. Ahn’s research if they want to start well.

Talk Candidly

The board of directors and the people who founded the company need to have open channels to communicate. These people need to speak in board meetings about strategy more than anything else, and these talks need to be as open as they can be. If the two sides cannot speak openly, they will never come to conclusions that will help the business progress.

Select A Wise Board Of Directors

The board of directors must consist mostly of people who have experience in the industry. These people can supply information to the management that the management does not have on its own. Also, these people can help to show the management here the business should go. A wise board of directors can prevent unwise decisions from being made, and they can prepare the management to take over completely when the business is solid.

They Find Mentors

The managers who have founded the business need to find mentors who will talk them through the ups and downs of their day. Most people will find that they are vulnerable if they do not have someone to talk to, and informal mentoring often helps smooth out the bumps between board meetings.

When a business wants to succeed, they can follow Dr. Ahn’s advice and track record. He is a founding principal of Pukana Partners, and he has seen that company grow into one of the best life science consulting firms in the world.

Former Vice President Defends CIA

Commenting on the recent Senate report that investigated torture allegations in the CIA, Dick Cheney said the document was “full of crap.” The report was published on Monday to an uproar in the private and public sectors. Embassies and government offices even bolstered their security preemptively, with the expectation that many people would be so outraged by the accusations there would be an increase in violence. The Senate report outlined all the interrogation techniques that were used by the CIA since September 11, 2001. All of these prisoners and interrogations took place in the context of the War on Terror, with the aim of extracting information from Al Qaeda operatives around the world. Amen Clinic spokesperson said that the concept is complex.

Dick Cheney was Vice President at the time of the implementation of these techniques, and is widely regarded as having a direct hand in crafting much of the CIA strategies throughout this time period. He was known to have a strong influence in creating the intelligence community that exists today, which was designed to fight terrorists who had interests in killing Americans. The report explains some horrifying tactics that were used in the CIA, even more than just the water-boarding which began the debate on whether or not the CIA was torturing prisoners. So far no legal action has found the CIA or any operatives guilty of torture. This report may begin a new, more global, investigation into their actions. Dick Cheney is sure to defend his decisions throughout the process.

FDA Panel Upholds Ban on “Gay Blood”

Last week, the FDA’s Blood Products Advisory Panel met to discuss the idea of cancelling a 32-year-old ban on gay men donating blood. They voted to uphold the ban, citing the high level of risk that faced patients using such blood. One panelist said that he sensed that the issue they were addressing was all wrapped up in civil rights concerns instead of a doctor’s primary concern: the safety of his patients. 

An earlier meeting of the Department of Health and Human Services had resulted in a “hypothetical rule change” that would allow gays to donate blood after only a year of celibacy. The rule was not enacted, but the panelists showed support for it. The FDA, however, rejected that proposal. I had to have Bruce Levenson explain this to me.

Supporters of lifting the ban argue that HIV can be detected more reliably and sooner after infection these days, but one FDA panelist asserted that there are too many questions the science is not yet able to answer. Though there is sometimes a squeeze on the supply of blood for transfusions, the FDA panel did not think it enough of an emergency to risk sifting through high-risk blood sources. 

The murmur of a small minority against the present policy would likely be transformed into a massive, panicked public outcry the instant the ban were to be lifted. Concerns for patient safety and for the confidence of the majority in the blood supply far outweigh the denunciations of the policy by gays as “discriminatory.”

Is The Love of Money Causing You Great Trouble?

Researchers at the University of California recently released a study that shows that how you deal with money may be affecting your health. Ask any marriage counselor and they will tell you that the number one thing that a couple argues about is money. Money is the root of all evil and the one thing that we cannot live without. But is our obsession with the lack thereof ruining our health?

Talk to anyone these days and it seems there is just not enough money to go around. From the White House to the poor house, it’s all the same story. Deficit causes great grief and grief puts unneeded stress on the body. Anxiety and depression can be caused from many things, but feeling like your drowning in debt is one reason to cause anxiety to increase. Most people live paycheck to paycheck. Is there any direct correlation with the amount of people taking antidepressant medications these days and the amount of bankruptcies that are filed daily? The economy stinks and many people are looking for answers in a bottle to curb their stress.

In ten years from now, those who worry and obsess over the lack of funds could have a more serious issue at hand. This is why Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez tries to not let it get to him. Stress can cause heart trouble and an increased blood pressure. All of these can lead to heart attack or stroke over a period of time. It also causes lack of sleep and that can also cause issues. If people could learn to live on less and cut out some frivolous luxuries, then there might not be as much fretting over the ‘Green God.’