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New York’s Finest Economist Chriatian Broda

Christian Broda graduated with a Bachelor degree from Universidad de San Andreas. Since then, Christian Broda has taken control of the economic issue by storm. Currently, Broda is the Managing Director of a capital management firm, Duquesne. He has held the position since 2010. As impressive as his title may seem, it is not the only one of such weight in New York. Christian Broda started his impressive career at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He worked in the International Research Department for four years until 2004. He then moved to the University of Chicago, where he worked as an associate lecturer. From 2008 to 2009, Christian worked as the Chief International Economist at Lehman Brothers, one of the largest and most impressive investment banks in the world. In addition to these impressive appointments, Christian Broda has been a faculty research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He was appointed in 2006 and continues to serve to date. He has also been an associate editor of the IMF Economic Review.

Considering his extensive educational and professional background, it comes as no surprise that he has many academic titles. Additionally, he is an established hedge fund manager. These qualifications are undoubtedly the reason that all these prominent publications and media houses look for him. Famous television stations like CNN consult with him on issues of international economics and financial markets. Christian Broda has written several papers and newspaper articles. Among his most famous of the publications is The Economist. It is in these articles that observer can genuinely feel his voice, identity and authority as an economist. On the same note, he publishes the American Journal of Economics. His opinion is often valued and sought after, in all manners possible. The scope of the debate on the strength of the dollar is broad. However, his opinion is clear. Broda maintains that the dollar is going strong, and will not be replaced as the primary currency any time soon.

Debate on the strength of the dollar continues to rise. While other economists are of the opinion that the dollar should be dropped as a key currency in the world market, Broda disagrees. He is of the view that it is strong enough to stand the test of time. The American economy, and the effect of globalization on the American currency seems to be of particular interest to Christian Broda. His opinions are confident about the economy. Consequently, his propositions are respected due to his profound analysis skills. A high number of his publications touch on the US dollar and market fluctuations.

However, it should be noted that his experience in the banking world and government have given him a unique perspective on all issues on the economy.

The U.S Economy Debate and Christian Brodas’ Analysis

The big debate amongst the world’s top economists and finance experts seems to be on the state of the U.S economy. The possibility of the dollar losing its highest ranking status: as the International Reserve Currency for trade, worldwide.
This doesn’t come as a surprise to some as it’s been long anticipated to happen while others beg to differ and insist that despite the hurdles faced by the U.S economy there hasn’t been much decline in the U.S. dollars’ role and essential features. Needed to sustain it as the world currency, such as the depth of financial market, trade economic patterns and assurance in retaining the value of the coin. It’s believed that in all the features listed; the U.S. stays in the forefront by far. Optimists argue that no other current markets can match the U.S Treasuries in terms of liquidity and depth especially through tough economic times like the past recession to hit the country so how can it be; that the most convenient currency, our safe haven, How can it be on the brink of threat?

The Critics however argue that just because the previous statements have been true in the past, it doesn’t seem so promising in the future, as a matter of fact, these very essential features that keep the U.S as the leading economy may be slipping away due to global advancement in technology and other factors. On top of that the U.S. economy and dollar seem to be having some serious competition from Europe and China as they’re growing and expanding to world domination status. Europe has a better minimum hourly rate pay for its citizens and China within a year had seen four times more bank deposits denominated in their currency (Yuan) and also advocating for Chinese companies to trade their international currencies in (Yuan) has helped build their economy and currency.

Christian Broda a leading economist who is well known for the many works his had published through the quarterly journals of economics and American Economic review on the subjects of international finance and trade, doesn’t seem to buy into any of the critics’ arguments. Instead he argues that the dollar will only grow in value and even encourages investors to keep their dollars invested in the U.S. Broads speculations in the past have proven to be true like when in 2009 he wrote an article that predicted; the market forces would keep inflation low for a lengthy period. He also talked about various instances in the past where the value of the dollar was expected to decrease due to its policies detrimental effect to other countries’ currencies but instead the opposite proved to be true therefore Christian might not be far off in his prediction that the dollar will retain its value if not increase. If one wants to invest soon, one should seek understanding of the key influencing factors that could mean the difference between prospering and failing.

Christian Broda is Optimistic About US Dollar’s Strength

Christian Broda believes in the United States of America and its currency. The professor at the University of Chicago and managing director at Duquesne Capital Management does not put any stock in the nay-sayers who are predicting the collapse of the U.S. dollar and is actually predicting a very different outcome. Mr. Broda believes that current market forces will keep inflation down for in the foreseeable future so the U.S. economy will remain strong and bounce back from the recent recession completely. He details his predictions for the US dollar’s strength in a white paper that he and Ethan Harris recently published.
Christian Broda’s optimism is worth reading about and sharing, since he did predict much the same thing for the economy four years ago and the rate of inflation has remained under 5% during the time, which was one of the things he had predicted.
Christian Broda is not pulling predictions out of a proverbial magical hat, but is based on his expertise of market analysis and years of academic and hedge fund managing. When he predicts the currency of the United States will remain as the world currency of choice, people should listen. Broda also suggests that investors who have dollar denoted investments should remain with them and those investors who don’t already have the dollar denoted investments in their portfolio might want to consider purchasing some to round out their investments.
Not that long ago, back in 2004, the nay-sayers were predicting the fall of Japan’s economy. At that time there were dire warning of Japan’s imminent fiscal crash predicted by many who were supposed financial experts. Broda was not among those experts who predict doom for Japan’s economy, but he, along with David Weinstein of Columbia University, supported the Bank of Japan and predicted a much brighter future for the nation. That predicted economic recovery and bright future has come to pass for Japan, Christian Broda feels the same will happen for the U.S. economy as the dollar grows stronger in the world market.
In addition to being an associate professor at the University of Chicago, Broda is also a faculty research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research and an associate editor of the Journal of Development Economics. He has had papers published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the American Economic Review and the Journal of International Economics.

Networking: A New Best Friend for your Business

When you make the decision to start up a business, the possibility of failure is always greater than the possibility of success. Unfortunately, in today’s world it’s all about WHO you know and not WHAT you know. Having a support group can greatly increase your chances for success, but how do you find one?

The answer is simple: Network. The internet is full of groups and organizations built around helping hundreds of different individuals who are facing struggles just like a new business owner might be facing.

The article “Finding Support To Build Your Business Faster, Smarter” can be a great starting point. The story is written by a woman named Sarah Kauss, owner and founder of S’well water bottles. She informs the reader of how she was able to stay motivated and get her business off the ground by joining a support group of mentors just for women. The article can be read at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/finding-support-build-your-business-faster-smarter-sarah-kauss.

Sarah’s answer was to join a group known as EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women. They are well known as an organization that assists women entrepreneurs to help them grow their business by offering support and mentors. These mentors are also women who have succeeded as independent entrepreneurs and offer help to anybody who might be struggling as a new business owner.

Of course, EY is merely an example of just one of the many different groups out there. Doing a little research will give you a better idea of what’s available for your specific needs, and the only way to get the mentoring and support you need is take the chance to join these groups and utilize the information you are provided.

Brian Bonar, A Mechanical Engineer Turned Businessman

Brian Bonar’s education and early career did not hint of a future career in business. Mr. Bonar graduated from James Watt Technical College in his native United Kingdom with a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. Fresh out of college, Brian found a job at US technology company IBM and worked for their UK division, IBM UK Ltd. He worked as a procurement manger at IBM’s United Kingdom division for a period of 17 years. As procurement manager Brian Bonar was in charge of purchasing motherboards for IBM’s personal computers. While working for IBM UK Ltd. Brian also studied at Staffordshire University where he completed a masters of mechanical engineering program.

After his long stint with IBM UK Ltd. Mr. Bonar went on to work for QMS Inc. as the director of engineering. Bonar used his mechanical engineering education and extensive experience at technology and software company IBM to manage and oversee the work of more than a hundred software and development engineers and programmers at QMS Inc. After serving as engineering director for over four years Bonar went on to work for Rastek Corporation. It was here he started his first real business experience. At Rastek he was VP of sales and marketing who oversaw global sales of printing technologies developed by Rastek. After serving as VP at Rastek Brian Bonar would part ways and come to Adeptec and work as a sales manager. At Adeptec Mr. Bonar used his great knowledge on both the design, procurement and sales of laser printers to foster company relationships with major laser printer manufacturers in Asia.

At Restek and Adeptec Mr. Bonar gained vital business experience that he used to create his own company called Bezier Systems in 1994. At Bezier Brain Bonar used his experience in developing laser printers to launch his very own printer that was the first to be SCSI based. After only a year Brain left the company that he had founded and went back to work as a VP of sales and marketing at Itec Imaging Technologies. At Itec, Brain was responsible for developing sales and marketing strategies for the company’s laser printers. Check out Brian Bonar’s About.Me profile.

Brian would eventually leave Itec to start his second company called AMS Outsourcing. Building on his experience as a procurement manger, sales and marketing VP and engineer Mr. Bonar founded a company that would not only outsource products, but also services and provide staffing to small and medium sized businesses. After founding AMS Outsourcing Brain also went on to work for Allegiant where he became president and guided the sales, marketing and insurance departments of the company. He would work for almost three years as president of Allegient Professional Services before going to Trucept and Dalrada Financial Services where is CEO of both companies now.

Vijay Eswaran a Specialist in E-Commerce

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the co-founder of QI Group of Companies. He founded this company in 1998. He is very knowledgeable and versed in the e-commerce area. QI is an e-commerce based conglomerate with businesses with a range of products into retail, telecommunications, direct sales, leisure, lifestyles, education, conference, and training. This is a company that does clearly show that Dr. Eswaran is indeed an e-commerce specialist.

The Team of Like-Minded Individuals
1998 was the year that Dr. Eswaran was leading his team of like-minded professional individuals with the multi-business conglomerate, the QI Group. This business did not start out this big. It has continued to grow and has spread through the world. It has spread with a large and broad range of subsidiary companies. The QI Group now has regional offices in the following countries:
*Hong Kong
This team that he led all played a role in the direct selling and training for this impressive e-commerce based company.

Dr. Eswaran is a highly credible individual. He does has an impressive educational background. He had completed his higher education in some top universities. These include:
*Universities in the UK
*Universities in the USA
His employment record is highly impressive. He has gained much knowledge and experience from his previous position at IBM. He also has his entrepreneur experiences. His credentials will speak volumes and will speak for themselves when it comes to a man with a fine reputation.

Motivation and Vijay Eswaran
Vijay Eswaran is a well known businessman and executive.
Dr. Eswaran is certain to inspire many. Motivational speaking and lectures are right up his alley. He is a highly respected speaker and motivator. The topics include:
This is a businessman who incorporated spirituality and business. He has spoken at World Economic Events, business management forums. leadership forums, and top universities.

Why Art Collectors Return to Adam Sender

As an art collector, you may or may not be familiar with the name Adam Sender. If not, today your idea of who collects art will change forever. Hedge funds are no longer his top priority, but rather seeing how much art he can buy. Sender loves his art so much, he decided to show up at a recent exhibit in Miami with pieces from his very own private collection.

With more than 1,000 pieces of art, Sender chose to pull the 70 he thought best would be appreciated at this exhibition in Miami. Collecting art for Sender isn’t just about the biggest and the best but about what evokes fond memories for him. Art collectors generally agree that art is always personal because it does evoke memories and emotions as well.

Sender started collecting art back in the 90’s, and since that time he has become more discriminating about the art he chooses. Art collectors tend to gravitate to art from specific types of artists, but for Sender it’s all about choosing art that isn’t from a rookie. He prefers his art collection to stem from those who are at least a few years into their career and those that are about to hit it big.

Sender sends the message that art isn’t about collecting what is old, although the general public seems to believe that the oldest art is the most valuable. Artists can still be alive and working within their passion to be appreciated and highly valued. This is what Sender appears to be teaching his followers.

Having fun is the ideal way to spend time with his art, at least according to Sender himself in a recent article with Interview Magazine. Sotheby’s knows what he is all about because they have spoken well of his massive art collection. Sotheby’s has taken a liking to the fact that Sender has learned how to pick up great pieces over several decades, and all without an untrained eye. Adam Sender’s Instagram is linked here.

With such a massive collection of art, Sender will giving the world a chance to view it all as Sotheby’s auctions pieces that have been produced by artists that are in his collection.

With modern works at the heart of his art collection, could it be that Adam Sender is now the collector to study?

Andy Wirth: Endurance and Philanthropy


Andy Wirth has been involved in sports and ski resorts since 1986. The sports and resort entrepreneur was born in Germany in 1963 and graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelors in Science. He also attended Edinburgh University in Scotland. His internship at Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 1986 started a career that has known success and adventure. His successes include numerous philanthropic contributions and awards.

He is an avid skier, triathlete and took up skydiving. A serious accident in which he had an arm severed and re-attached led him to a new venture and new friends. He says his recovery from the accident was slow and set him back further than he ever imagined. But when he met a Navy SEAL who was with his team training in the area, his strength increased and his motivation returned. The stories of fallen heroes and wounded warriors inspired the athlete/businessman and he resolved to raise funds for the Navy Seal Foundation. He co-founded a triathlon team for Wounded Warrior Support. Using the online resource Crowdrise, he has gone online to raise support and a national sense of appreciation and gratitude to these heroes.

Navy SEALs must meet extraordinary physical and mental standards to qualify for this service. Their exploits are often kept secret and their losses are felt deeply because of the brotherhood kept by these men. Being able to see that their friends are cared for and remembered means much to them.

Endurance athletes and adventurers are a unique group. They push themselves and expect the best. They set the highest standards and accept no less. In these characteristics they share the mind and soul of the Navy SEALs. Andy Wirth’s call to support the Wounded Warriors invites all of us to honor these heroes and show aNation’s respect and admiration for their service.

How to Be a Successful Businesswoman like Susan Mcgalla

Being a successful businesswoman takes more that just getting the best education. Business world has lots of challenges and those who only depend on their education are quickly phased out. To be successful in the field like Susan Mcgalla, all the factors below must come into play.

1) Pursue your passion
It is easier to succeed in an area you love than an area you don’t. As you pick your career, you should be careful to ensure that the area you pick is the correct one for you. In the right field, you will be able to attain higher focus and determination throughout your career. Avoid choosing a field simply because other people have succeeded there. Always remember that every individual is unique.

2) Make excellence your goal
The current business world is becoming by competitive by the day. Everyone in the field is out to excel and only the best gets to rise to the top. Whatever you do, always make sure you excel in it. Although you might not be good in everything your career entails, train harder to help you deliver the best results that you can. People will definitely notice your hard work.

3) Never give up
Many women in the business world give up their dream when faced with tough competition and challenges. By keeping your eye on the prize, you will stay put regardless of the setbacks you face. It is always encouraging to remember that you are not the only one facing setbacks and competitive co-workers.
Susan McGalla uses herself as an example of never giving up. When she joined American Eagle, the company was predominantly male; yet she did not give up her dream of rising to the top positions in the firm. She held several management positions in the firm before rising to be its president. She has been on the board of HFF Inc and is currently a Director at Pittsburgh Steelers.

4) Believe in your self
Nothing takes people far like believing in themselves. As a businesswoman, you should always believe in your capabilities. When faced with tough situations, don’t look back, face them head on. Believing in yourself will help you win other people’s trust. Don’t be the person that rejects assignments because she has never done similar assignments before; be the one that researches on the new assignment and finds ways to deal with it.

5) Learn from every experience
Through your career as a businesswoman, you will go through several experiences. Some may be good, others may be bad. If you are really determined to be successful businesswoman, you should learn from these experiences and apply the lessons to improve both your personal and career life.

Every woman aiming to be a successful businesswoman should follow all the above tips. Frequently evaluate your life to ensure that you are not drifting from your set goals. Do not let challenges push you away from your original path, remain steadfast.

The Successful Career of Vijay Eswaran

As a businessperson, one ought to establish a reputation among clients and other business people. The physical appearance has a great impression on an individual. The looks, posture, and the way of dressing says much about a person. In the world of business, it is not different either. Fashion in there is still very crucially relevant, and one ought to know how to stay up-to-date in the field of business which is why Vijay Eswaran has a lot attached to his personality.

Vijay Eswaran is both an author and a businessman. These are two careers that need one to be very schematic to excel in either of them, but Vijay Eswaran has excelled in both. On his return to Asia from overseas in the year 1998, Vijay Eswaran co-founded a multilevel marketing company. The company would eventually grow and expand and was later called the QI Group. The company is an e-commerce-based conglomerate with businesses in telecommunications, media, and travel. Besides, the company trades in wellness, luxury products, training and corporate investments.

Having graduated with a socio-economic degree from the London School of Business, Vijay Eswaran decided to stay in Europe for a year before returning to Asia. While in Europe, Vijay Eswaran would do odd jobs such as working on a construction site in Belgium and plucking grapes in France. He introduced himself to binary system marketing in the UK, and this prompted him to obtain a professional qualification from CIMA. He then followed this with another qualification, an MBA from the Southern Illinois University in 1986.

In Asia, Vijay Eswaran plied his entrepreneurial skills in the QI Group. Besides co-founding this multimillion dollar conglomerate, he is a philanthropist, best-selling author, and a successful businessman. Vijay Eswaran is also an accomplished motivational speaker lecturing around the world on a variety of topics. Vijay Eswaran has addressed management and business forums including the World Economic Forum and the sixth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in India. Besides, he has written several publications such as In the Sphere of Silence, which he published in the year 2005. The book focuses on his daily routine of an hour of silence and his personal life philosophies. Among other books, he wrote In the Thinking Zone, Thought of the Day, and On the Wings of Thought in the years 2008, 2010 and 2011 respectively. Here’s a video of him on YouTube.

Vijay Eswaran is a philanthropist at heart. He established two Foundations working on numerous projects in the field of education, youth development and women empowerment worldwide. The Forbes Asia recognized Vijay Eswaran’s charitable efforts which is why they included him in the Heroes of Philanthropy annual list in 2011. The Regional Philanthropy awarded Vijay Eswaran as the leading independent think tank. These and other successes prompted the QI Group (now called QNET) to appoint Vijay Eswaran as their Chief Executive Officer.