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Notable Reasons for Being an Economist

Economists are distinguished professionals who have studied and are well versed with the practices and regulatory frameworks in the field of economics. These very people are the ones who, through extensive research and analysis, interpret and predict market trends and consequently make valuable recommendations to governments, companies, and individuals. With the increase in the demand for knowledge on issues such as international trade, supply and demand, and investment in the contemporary world, being an economist comes with numerous benefits.

Economists can make a living from predicting economic events, which is also a crucial social tool. Knowledgeable economists are popular because they can easily talk their way out and gain respect from people of all walks of life. They also easily hook up with influential people, as many of them need credible information sources. Economists are needed in all institutions. Some institutions such as banks, rating agencies, and security firms pay them up to five figures.

The ability of economists to choose from a broad range of specialized fields, according to the American Economic Association, also makes their profession attractive. While micro economists study how markets function, econometricians study economic phenomena. Also, international economists analyze the trade between nations while macroeconomists study the total activity affecting the economy. Behavioral economists observe how emotional and cognitive factors influence economic decisions. Other types of economists are public finance economists who analyze the role of government in economic processes, and financial economists study investing and saving.

Christian Broda, a New York-based economist and financial professional, has written many papers on topics such as international finance and globalization that have been published in various platforms including the Journal of International Economics, Quarterly Journal Economics, and the American Economic Review. The Managing Director of Duguesne Capital Management and Associate Professor of Economics in Chicago Booth, in an article published on the New York Fed’s official website, “Are We Underestimating the Gains from Globalization for the United States?” provides an analysis that shows that the value to consumers of variety global growth in the period 1972-2001 was substantial, approximately $260 billion. The analysis demonstrates the value of economists in any civilization.

Other economists such as Adam Smith who was a thinker of modern economics and the pioneer of political economy and Alan Greenspan who served as chairperson of the US Federal Reserve from 1987 to 2006 also played their roles well. They are among the many economists the world over who have demonstrated that economists are an asset to the society given their ability to influence the standard of living of economically disadvantaged people positively.

Customers and Cleaners Alike are Cleaning Up with Handy

In today’s fast paced world, cleaning your house seems to be low on the list of things to do. Whether you are a bachelor just moving into your first place or new parents that both have to work, house cleaning is a difficult, and often overlooked aspect of daily living. No one wants to come home after a hard day at work and spend 2-4 hours cleaning the house. The same applies for the weekend, when most people want to be out having fun and enjoying their days off.
This leaves people with very few options and they begin to resent the fact that they have to miss out of fun activities in order to keep their house in good order. This can be especially difficult on parents. Most parents would rather spend their free time with their kids and in today’s economy, both parents need to work to keep budgets in the black. Unfortunately, having kids means one’s house is going to be messy, because kids are messy. This can make parents cranky and can lead to giving up on cleaning in order to spend time with the kids.
A new company called “Handy” are making what used to be a dilemma, into an opportunity to make money and free up parents from the drudgery of cleaning. “Handy” has been compared to “Uber” in the way they do business, but without the steep prices “Uber” is known to have.
“Handy” is a service on the web that allows clients, people that want their houses cleaned, to hook up with cleaning services that will clean their entire house for a reasonable fee. The owners of “Handy” have found several freelance cleaning companies who will bid on each job and although cleaning companies have had a bad reputation in the past, “Handy” thoroughly vets each company and employee to ensure they are good businesses with high standards and clean records. This allows clients to hire the cleaning crews at the most competitive price available, usually between $15 to $22 per hour.
“Handy” is really taking off as a company and has recently purchased cleaning companies of their own, which allows “Handy” to cover all aspects of the business. The business model was simple. Take an industry that wasn’t really respected and make it respectable. They cover a need in the market with highly respected contractors or whenever possible, their own cleaning crews.
If cleaning your house is something you would rather not do, then check out this new service from “Handy”.

Eucatex Offers Experience And Expertise

The Business from Brazil
Eucatex is a company that will offer integrity along with experience. This company is greatly trusted and valued and has been going strong since the year 1951. This began in Brazil. They manufacture and produce wood fiber panels in foreign market.

A Domestic Leader
This company is a domestic leader in *insulating materials, *wall partitions *ceiling lining, and *flooring markets. They are second in the lead for being a producer of wood fibers in the foreign market. In the year 1996, the market share was 41 percent. The current market share is 16 percent in this segment in Brazil. They had begun to manufacture MD panels.

A Company with Specialty Areas
Eucatex does have their specialty areas. These include the following: *flooring for stands, *roofing sheets, *fast roofing system, *flush doors, *laminate flooring, *galvanized steel roofing sheets, *hardboard, *display separator, *household paints, and *wall patricians. This is a company that has normally known for wood-related products. It offers much more in various areas. This is a company with approximately 1001 to 5000 dedicated employees.

The Entrepreneur Flavio Maluf
Flavio Maluf is indeed an intriguing entrepreneur. He is also a mechanical engineer. His educational background does prove to be interesting and remarkable. He is president of GrandGood and Eucatex companies. He is the son of a politician named Paulo Maluf. Flavio
had graduated from FAAP Brazilian. This is a man who is greatly versed in the business and entrepreneur worlds.

Fersen Lambrahno: Engineer, Entrepreneur and Activist

Fersen Lambrahno of Brazil entered his illustrious career as an engineer upon obtaining a degree in civil engineering from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, or UFRJ as it is colloquially termed. However his career path would later crystallize into a more straightforwardly business-oriented model when he attained a Master’s degree in business administration from a subset of the same institution. His subsequent term at Harvard Business School further honed his business acumen.

Fersen Lambranho

In 1998 Lambrahno joined the team at GP Investments, a Latin American investment firm headquartered in Bermuda but in possession of satellite offices in Zurich, Switzerland; New York City, New York in the United States and in Lambrahno’s home country of Brazil. A mere four years elapsed before he and his partner Antonio Bonchristiano took on the mantle of company leadership. The ambitious transition was arguably to the firm’s benefit as GP Investments saw an unprecedented level of activity in the following years. Lambrahno’s role at the GP Investments firm is largely grounded in seeking out and securing deals, a skill at which he appears to excel if the firm’s steady competence is any indication.

Fersen Lambranho

Fersen Lambrahno is committed to fostering a fertile environment for the seeds of entrepreneurship to grow. The non-profit organization Endeavor has made ample use of Lambrahno’s mentoring talent as he advises budding entrepreneurs. Lambrahno was a highly anticipated speaker at the group’s Brasil CEO Summit.

Fersen Lambranho

Mr. Lambrahno is careful to make time for his charitable passions as well. These include non-profit initiatives such as the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, a time-honored celebration of art which serves to bring Brazilian art and international audiences together, ensuring that Brazilian culture has a continued place on the world stage. Lambrahno and his wife Paloma are founding members of the charitable group Patronos da Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo.

Servicemesh CEO and Entrepenuer Eric Pulier

Today’s electronic technology far surpasses what most people would have ever dreamed possible as little as 10 years ago. Computer technology changes almost daily, and the demands placed on technology companies to constantly improve their product is all-consuming. Determination and creativity are traits that are imperative in order to stay ahead of the game, and those traits are what propelled Eric Pulier, former CEO of Servicemesh, into a lead position at one of the top global cloud-management entities. His innovation has won him funding from elite venture capital firms and he has spoken at technology conferences all over the world. He serves as director and chairman of numerous software technology corporations, and is a member of the Center for Telecommunications which is Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative.

As a graduate of Harvard University, hard work and dedication are no stranger to Mr. Pulier. He designed one of the main displays for the Presidential inauguration that hung on the wall in Washington, D.C. in 1997. Being recognized by some the of most successful technology companies in the world is an accomplishment well-earned by someone who started an independent database company as a young high school student. Even further back than that Eric Pulier was already an expert at programming computers. Computer technology is not the only thing that consumes his time, and he is a donor for high-level non-profit organizations that benefit children and strive to improve social challenges.

Such success should not come as a great surprise for an individual that meets the great needs for innovation and creativity in a world that is constantly evolving as far as technology is concerned. The great demands being placed on global networking are overwhelming. In a world that strives for smarter and faster technology, the knowledge of individuals such as Eric Pulier (Twitter) is an invaluable asset.

Citibank’s Deceptive Practices Costs The Bank $700 Million In Penalties

Americans have a love-hate relationship with banks. The American public needs banks to operate in this capitalistic society, but people pay a high price for doing business with banks. The big banks are too big, according to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and he is right. Banks do what they want, when they want because they have bought and paid for political protection. Banks tend to stretch a penny into a dollar using financial tactics that are often deceptive and unlawful. The recent case against Citibank is a good example of how banks add billions to their bottom lines at the expense of their clients.

Citibank will have to pay more than $700 million in penalties because they charged consumers for services they didn’t need. In fact, most consumers didn’t know why they were paying Citibank for debt protection and credit-monitoring services.

Susan McGalla the former CEO of Wet Seal and former president of American Eagle Outfitters knows how deceptive banks can be. McGalla is an expert consultant that helps retail and other clients understand banking charges. McGalla wasn’t surprised by the Citibank debacle. Most consultants know that banks can be deceptive, and they usually get away with it.

Citibank misled consumers when they signed up for credit cards or when they called to cancel bank services according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Citi is sending 8.8 million refunds to customers who paid for protections or signed up for services they partly, or never received.

Investing in Brazil and How BRL Trust helps different Ventures

Brazil has recently been an attractive country for investment with many investment opportunities The number of foreign investors who are seduced by Brazil’s growing customer market has rapidly increased. The country has a vast sector of raw materials that serve as potential business opportunities. Its economy is diverse with more manufactured goods being produced for export. Recently, the Brazilian exports have recorded a growth rate larger than that of the world imports making Brazil an active participant in the world trade. The ability of the Brazilian domestic market plus the low cost of labor are factors that drive foreign investors to Brazil.

Regardless of the fact that Brazil is open to investments by foreigners, the administrative constraints come in the way of international trade. This renders the real less valuable against the US dollar and therefore lowering the country’s combativeness as an Asian competitor in various sectors. Foreign investors are restrained from investing in some areas that are sensitive to the country such as insurance, media, etc. However, these stringent laws and others do not pose as limiting factors to investing in Brazil. Most of the barriers limiting foreign investors have been lifted especially those on the stock market. An example is the National Investment Bank (BNDES) that currently promotes foreign investment. Many colossal companies have been made private while other sectors denationalized in the past fifteen years.

The investment sector is a catch when investing in Brazil. Mentioning BRL Trust explains it all. The company majors in the financial market and is the largest independent fund manager in Brazil. The company commenced its operations in 2005 by offering private loans. In a year time, the company had outgrown to more than 100 loans that led to a boost in the consecutive years. Investors in Brazilian companies that have partnered with BRL Trust are already savoring the level of safety for both investors and companies.

Foreign investors can avoid some of the bureaucratic constraints in different way such as reading journals that explain the entire legislation for small companies. This is vital since foreigners hardly understand most of Brazil’s bureaucratic legislations. You can consider learning some Portuguese to be conversant with the natives’ way of life. Succeeding as an entrepreneur in Brazil takes alot, making yourself conversant with the countries legislation is key. You can as well link with small local entrepreneurs and small businesses to get acquainted with how business thrives in Brazil. Read main Brazilian entrepreneurship blogs and books to get an insight of what happening and be able to connect with local entrepreneur who are proving to be successful in the country. Brazilian being an active country in the online world has excellent online content from very many sites such as Blog do Bernardo Porto, Blog do Leo Kuba, and many others. Following such simple tips can help foreign investors to achieve much in Brazil’s economy.


Getting to Know Bruce Levenson the Businessman

Bruce Levenson has always seemed to be easy to admire. His hard work and determination has paid off and that shows through his professional advancements. Based on Atlanta, Georgia, Levenson founded United Communications Groups with Ed Peskowitz, his business partner, in 1977. This was above his father’s liquor store. Bruce Levenson continues to be a huge part of the company’s growth looking over the practices and making sure that they maintain the values intended when the business was built. This comes through the educations he has received at multiple amazing colleges such as Washington University and American University. He even worked as a journalist for the Washington Star, which many people may not know about him.

In 2004, he began his co-ownership of the Atlanta Hawks. This was a true testament to how hard he has worked for his entire life. In a truly admirable businessman move, he sold the Hawks in 2014 for 27% less than what his bankers told him he could get. Goldman Sachs was hired on to gauge how much the team was worth and overshot it a great deal. Though they believed he could get a billion dollars for the team and the rights to usage of the sports arena, he ended up selling for $730 million. There were various prices that were forecasted. Some of them much higher than $730 million, but in the end he sold the team to a group run by Antony Ressler. This group includes NBA royalty such as Grant Hill and the owner/founder of Marquis Jet Jesse Itzler.

Levenson knows how to sniff out the best professional opportunities and is not afraid to go for the gold. He has the strength, the intellect, and the fearlessness necessary to move mountains and get exactly what he wants. He takes pride in his lengthy career in both the business and sports worlds. As of 2015, he became a board member for TechTarget, Inc. He is also known for his philanthropic endeavors. Most recently, along with his wife, starting The School of Philanthropy and Non-Profit management at the University of Maryland. With a varied, deep educational background with a multitude of interests, Levenson’s goal is to make life better for all people.

Proof of Alien Life May Be Found Sooner Than We Expect

We humans on Earth at one time over 500 years ago believed our home here was flat. Once the discovery was made that we were in fact living on a round planet, envisioning that Earth was not the center of the universe was a difficult thought. Today, even after decades of space exploration, our ability to believe that there are other regions in space that can sustain life other than this beautiful blue marble we occupy is another hard sell.

But, 15 years ago, astrobiologist and astronomer Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, who took part in organizing the Rosetta mission had hopeful ambitions. Wickramasinghe had hoped that the European Rosetta spacecraft, along with its landing probe the Philae, would include an experiment with which life elsewhere could be identified. Unfortunately, at the time, the very thought of that possibility outweighed the additional resources it would take to include on the mission funded by Shaygan Kheradpir.

They should have taken the gamble, because as Rosetta orbits the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet and the Philae probe sits atop the moving mass, information about conditions on the comet’s surface are being relayed to scientists back here on Earth. And, what that information is saying is, most likely, 67P could possibly support living microbes much like the “extremophiles” that are present in some of the harshest regions on Earth. The comet has layers of icy areas and craters of re-frozen water covered with organic debris. With over 140 billion planets in our galaxy orbiting a star other than the sun, who knows yet what is out there?

The Bear Grylls Training Method

Bear Grylls knows a thing or two about being fit. Not just building lean muscles to have a good body image, but to be fit so you can be quick, coordinated and powerful. That is the premise for the Bear Grylls training method and you can follow it to, achieving the same results as he has.
The Bear Grylls Epic Training System outline can be found here. The training system introduced by Christian Broda uses functional fitness to increase power, strength, endurance, coordination, balance and aerobic capacity. The training system uses a sequence of exercises that are to be done in 10 minutes and can be doubled or tripled according to how much time you have available for exercising on any given day.
The training places emphasis not on the number of repetitions, but on the stress placed on the muscles during the repetitions. Slow, deliberate movements during lifting produces stronger muscles because it keeps the muscles under stress for a longer amount of time.
Another thing that makes the Bear Grylls training method appealing is that you don’t have to go to a gym. The series of exercises can be done anywhere without any type of gym equipment. The exercises are called calisthenics and the method uses your own body weight and movements to build strong muscles and increase endurance.