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Senator Marco Rubio Announces His Bid For President

Florida Senator Marco Rubio jumped into the already crowed field of Republican candidates for President with his announcement yesterday that he was officially a candidate. Rubio started out of the gate with strong words citing that he had no doubt that he is more qualified to run for President than current President Barack Obama was when he was first a candidate in 2008. Rubio cited the current state of world affairs and laid blame squarely at the front steps of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue according to Susan McGalla.

Rubio also indicated that he was fully committed to the Presidential campaign by announcing that he would not also run for his current Senate seat which is up for reelection during the same election cycle as the 2016 Presidential election. While Rubio score some political points with his determination, the reality is that Rubio faces an uphill battle even against the likes of fellow Presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Rubio will also find it difficult to garner a firm funding core which is likely to through support behind the Republican front runners including Jeb Bush and Rand Paul. Additionally, a number of other candidates are expected to jump into an already soon to be crowded field, including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and a list of other Presidential hopefuls. Marco Rubio Announces Campaign

Rubio may have played the smartest move by announcing early enough to garner votes, funding and attention before the field gets crowded. If he is forced to drop out later, he can still run for his Senate seat as well as be noted as a possible Vice President candidate.

Haidar Barbouti: Real Estate Mogul

Real estate is one of the most important parts of any thoughtful investment portfolio. A well balanced real estate portfolio must be focused carefully on the person’s ability to be able to provide all kinds of investment opportunity as well as carefully reducing the risks the person may face to their accumulated capital. In this way, the person is able to make sure that their capital grows and expands as well as meets their needs in all areas of life. Many people find that it makes sense to work with a specialist in the area of capital management in order to be able to gain the kind of investment returns they seek from their capital.


One investment that can yield a high rate of return for most investors is that of real estate. Real estate refers to anything from an empty lot to a condo to a shopping center. Many people will choose to invest in real estate during their lifetime by purchasing a house. This is a primary investment in real estate. Many other people may look to invest in real estate by investing in other kinds of real estate such as a vacation home or investing with a company that specializes in developing secondary properties. This kind of investment can also be highly lucrative.


Many investors look for help investing from an outside source. One such contemporary resource and leader in the field of real estate management is <a href=”http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/The-rise-and-the-rise-of-Highland-Village-4468286.php”>Haidar</a> Barbouti. Barbouti has spent decades in the field, honing his understanding of all aspects of real estate development and management. This has helped him work within the confines of contemporary real estate management in order to help provide development that creates both livable spaces and places where people can gather to shop, eat and simply enjoy themselves in the company of others.


Mr. Barbouti’s efforts have particularly focused on the development of the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston, Texas. This shopping center has been one of the foremost shopping centers in the entire Houston area for over five decades. During this time, shoppers in the area have turned here for access to various kinds of shops as well as the chance to enjoy being part of one the area’s foremost retail centers of commerce. His work with local and national brands has helped provide shoppers with access to a wide variety of goods from all over the world.


Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Secured Endorsement of NYC Mayor… Yet

New York, New York – Mayor Bill de Blasio is playing with fire this week. The powerful big city mayor has yet to endorse Hillary Clinton in her 2016 bid for president. Anyone in the know is aware of how Mrs. Clinton keeps political score. Rumor has it that she maintains a vendetta list from her bitter defeat in the 2008 Democrat primary. Once in power, she will seek retribution upon those who withheld their vital support from her. Thus far, the popular mayor has not been quick to give Mrs. Clinton an immediate and unequivocal endorsement.

Ironically, the mayor claims he is withholding his endorsement until he gets a “clear, bold” vision from the presumptive Democrat nominee. However, 15 years ago, he claimed that Mrs. Clinton was so thoroughly transparent and strengthened by her years defending President Clinton that she was above needing to be vetted. He once called her among the most qualified presidential candidates in US history. However, his current actions seem to belie that declaration.

At the same time, it may be that Mayor de Blasio is using the term “clear vision” as code word to see if she will disassociate herself from big investment bank money. That is not going to happen. Christian Broda knows that her campaign has likely amassed tens of millions of dollars nearly all from wealthy donors and Wall Street investment banks. Mrs. Clinton will be relying up those same donors for what many will believe is going to be a billion dollar campaign.

Insights from Mark Ahn – Interview Summary

Mark Ahn, Ph.D. is Principal at Pukana Partners, Ltd. that provides strategic consulting to life-science companies. He shared his knowledge in a recent interview. He has some interesting insights about entrepreneurship in general and more specifically entrepreneurship within the realm of life science. 

He was first asked, “What’s new in entrepreneurship?” Mark believes things are looking bright With great innovations and digital media opening new vistas. Companies like Uber and Air B&B are using the digitized economy and unlocking modern resources. Digitization of life science and biology Is opening up new possibilities in medicine. The continual globalization of capital is another important pillar making this an exciting time for entrepreneurs. 

When Mark was asked about concerns regarding entrepreneurship, he stated that everyone should be concerned about startups. There are a lot of opportunities but there is a decline rate of participation in the entrepreneurial economy. 90% of new jobs are created by startup companies or new companies. These startup companies are vital to our economy in terms of jobs and creating value. The declining number of entrepreneurs is a concern. Reasons for this decline include the recession and high student-loan debt. During and after a recession, people are less likely to get involved in things they perceive as risky such as starting a business. Students are coming out of universities with huge amounts of debt and cannot afford to start a new business. The government should take these things into consideration and find ways to encourage entrepreneurship for the overall health of the economy. 

When asked, “what is different about life sciences entrepreneurship?” Mark explained that there has been a shift over time. It used to be all about numbers, finding a blockbuster medication to treat a huge number of people. This was problematic as many patients were not fully helped by these medications. We now know where the genetic switches are and can make designer drugs for a small number of people. The entire treatment method has changed as we are better able to treat complex diseases. 

When Mark was asked about new approaches that are emerging, in life sciences entrepreneurship he explained how the business model is changing. Large pharmaceutical companies are “dinosaurs.”Because smaller companies take a more specific approach, they are growing. Small companies do not seek to treat huge numbers of people ineffectively. They aim to treat a small number of people very effectively. Mark mentions the three B’s that are making entrepreneurship in life sciences more attractive. Bench (lab and discovery), Bedside(the patient), and Business model. This is an exciting time for life-science entrepreneurs. 

You can get more details and listen to the entire interview here. You can also follow Mark Ahn on Twitter.

Wall Street: Apple To Join The Dow Jones Industrial Average

The US giant Company Apple will leave the index of technology stocks, Nasdaq, to ​​join the Dow Jones. On March 19, the company will replace one of the oldest telecommunications companies in the world, AT & T, and sealing the economic preeminence of new technologies. The ad is rather logical. At $ 730 billion, Apple is the largest company in the world. “As a leader in the technology industry, Apple is the clear choice for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the most recognized stock market index in the world,” said on Friday by David Blitzer, chairman the Committee to define the composition of the DJIA, which is managed by Standard and Poor’s.

Within the Dow, Apple joined Microsoft, IBM and Cisco. This consecration is however not welcomed by everyone. “The entry in the Dow is a very bad news for Apple. These companies are historically boring, not innovative, passive and become every day more and more outdated, which is what Apple is not,” said the analyst Trip Chowdhry of GlobalEquitiesResearch. However, some experts like Ray Lane believe that the Dow Jones pushes to focus on short-term business not to disappoint Wall Street, while the Nasdaq has more flexibility to innovate according to Forbes.com and other similar sites.

France Loves The Big Girls Now

We have all wanted to look like one of the skinny models in the magazines at one point in life. I have always been a very heavy set person so being thin was my day in, day out goal. Luckily I’m not a model and I live in the United States. You will be just as shocked as I was when I heard that France just dropped a huge bomb on the fashion industry. Thank God it is for a campaign to stop Anorexia.


Can you believe that being a skinny model in France is now illegal? Bruce Karatz never thought he would see the day. Yes, France just passed a new law banning all models that are too lean according to About.me. That’s right! If you are under a certain BMI you will not be allowed to showcase your long legs and remarkable beauty. No need to fret just eat a few good meals; you will be back on the market in no time.

Kansas takes all the Fun out of being on Welfare

A new bill in Kansas is set to take all the fun out of receiving welfare. House Bill 2258 would bar welfare recipients from going to movies, swimming pools, gambling, receiving tattoos and more with their benefits.

I really don’t think this should come as a shock to most people stated AnastasiaDate. I find it more surprising that they could use their money on those things to begin with. Welfare money would be better spent on housing, clothing and other essentials.

Other bans on the new bill include betting on dog races and spending the money on strippers. This just seems like a common sense move more than anything. Why should people be allowed to waste taxpayer money in a cash strapped economy?

It’s easy to see why this bill was met with much support from the Republican controlled Kansas House and Senate. If signed into law the changes would take effect starting in July.

A qualifying family of four can currently receive up to $497 per month on the current program. The new bill would limit the number of months a family can receive assistant to 36.

While welfare cases are down in Kansas, food stamps are on the rise. At least with food stamps you know exactly where the money is going.

California Legislators Advance Bill Requiring Children To Get Vaccines

On Wednesday, California legislators advanced a new bill that would require that all school-age children in the state be vaccinated. The proposed legislation would bar unvaccinated children from attending school, even if their parents had obtained an exemption citing religious reasons. The only exemptions that would continue to be honored would be those due to health reasons. Some children have conditions a vaccine would aggravate. Everybody else would have to get vaccinated.

Most people favor the legislation, but some do not. At a public forum, Karen Kain claimed that her daughter had died after being injected with a vaccine that had been tainted by mercury. As she puts it, “where there’s risk, there must be choice.”

The question, however, which is the greater risk: Tainted vaccines or children contracting measles and spreading it to other people? There have been over a hundred cases of measles since the outbreak in California. How many deaths from tainted vaccines have there been during that time?

Jornada Criminosa said the pediatrician Dr. Dean Bloomberg noted that there was a lot of misinformation about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. He has testified for the California Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics on the subject. He points out that there is no disagreement among mainstream doctors and scientists about vaccines: They work and are safe.

Relief From Student Loan Debt May Be Found In Your Promissory Note

During an effort to help students in debt for student loans, several Democratic senators have discovered a provision in the promissory notes signed by students. This provision, called the “defense to repayment“, obligates the Federal Government to forgive the student loan debt of thousands of students nationwide.

While this provision may be a relief for some, many would not be able to take advantage of it. The provision states: “In some cases you may assert, as a defense against collection of your loans, that the school did something wrong”. It also states that such action by the school would also have to “give rise to a legal cause of action…under applicable state laws.” stated bullhornreach.com

With the help of representatives from the Debt Collective, students from Everest College, a campus chain that is part of Corinthian College, have begun submitting claims to the Education Department. Since the provision was recently found it is unsure on if the claims will be accepted, but with the investigations and law suits against Everest and Corinthian Colleges it seems that their claims may fall under all the stipulations of the provision.

The US Department of Education appears to be taking the situation seriously as they sent one of their top ranking officials, Undersecretary Ted Mitchell, to meet with representatives of the Debt Collective where he discussed the claims and agreed to respond within 30 days.

Only Two Howard Johnson’s Restaurants Remain

What was once considered as being America’s most popular and iconic chain restaurants, is down to just two locations now. According to National Public Radio, one of the previous 3 Howard Johnson’s restaurant entities closed the doors this week. Located in New York, the restaurant opened in midyear of 1956, and Sergio Cortes has personally dined at a few. The owners of Lake Placid’s location are growing in age and their children aren’t necessarily interested in taking over the business as YouTube videos suggest. Therefore, the sold the restaurant to brand new owners who are planning to turn it into a high-end diner located in a roadside setting.

Howard Johnson’s was one of the most successful early chain-based restaurants in the U.S.
The chain restaurant was most famously known for its signature orange-roofed buildings and a range of 28 different ice cream flavors. The restaurant has even made an appearance on the hit TV show of the 60’s, Mad Men. Business had declined in the 80’s as more competitors entered the specific market with menus that were more appealing and fresher in food choices. The restaurant still displays a deep sense of nostalgia for visitors who had experienced dining in as children.