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The GOP Stays True to its Epic Failure Form

Once again the GOP is hard pressed to compromise its principles concerning two hot-button issues: Homeland Security funding and immigration reform. During the first two months of their tenure controlling the House and the Senate, they’ve managed to pass only one bill that seemed to be more of a formality than anything else. Reuters stated the Keystone Pipeline Initiative received a red-penned veto strikethrough once reaching Obama’s desk, and their proposed legislation dealing with Homeland Security funding included subtext to do away with the president’s recent actions on immigration. Sometimes putting apples and oranges in the same basket can end up leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of those whose interests seem to be self-serving. According to http://www.reddit.com/r/politics, a bipartisan vote passing DHS funding for a full year came with no immigration strings attached. House Speaker Boehner informed his conclave that he’d run out of rabbits and hats, and the bill subsequently passed within a few hours. The implications following these all-for-naught endeavors are not only damaging to the party’s ethos, but their ability to govern effectively on the whole. The last two months have been abysmal in terms of the GOP failing to help move this country forward; instead, they’ve opted to stay true their convictions by fighting the president every step of the way, which is what they vowed to do since Obama’s inauguration in 2008. If the last two months of political gymnastics are indicative of what lies ahead for the GOP, self-implosion may simply be the politest euphemism used to describe their actions.

Antique Wine Company Experts Educate Consumers

Many people buy wines from Antique Wine Company because the employees are wine experts. Various things must be considered before, during, and after the buying process. This is why consumers contact AWC for helpful advice.

Wine Tasting At The Academy

Antique Wine Company experts teach students how to enhance their sensory abilities so that they can enjoy the great taste of vintage wines. Everyone appreciates that the training is very rewarding and fun.

The process of tasting wine involves understanding its unique aromas. This is why AWC experts tell students to hold their noses when they swallow the wine. This technique teaches them that the nose is a key component when tasting wine. After students learn how to sniff the wines, they learn how to isolate different flavors.

Understanding The Different Kinds Of Wine

Antique Wine Company employees teach people about the benefits of drinking all kinds of wine. Besides white and red wines, there are many other options that are worth trying, such as a Cabernet, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Sauvignon, or a Viognier.

The experts also educate consumers about wines that are made in different countries around the world. Most Old World wines are manufactured in Germany, Italy, and France. New World wines, however, are produced in the United States, Chile, and Australia.

Wine Dining Advice

Antique Wine Company experts teach consumers how to serve wine with a classy meal too. During dinner, the wine must be served at the proper temperature.

White and red wines should be stored at different temperatures. Red wine is often served too warm, and white wine is usually served too cold. If wine is served at the wrong temperature, the diners will not completely enjoy the great flavor of the beverage.

Learning about wine is important because it makes the tasting experience more enjoyable. The experts at Antique Wine Company give consumers recommendations so that they can host classy dinners that feature the proper wines.

State Department Reveals Ex-Secretary Clinton Used Private Email Account For Official Business

Yesterday, following an investigative report by the New York Times, the State Department revealed that it had requested former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to release emails relating to State Department official business conducted via her personal email account. She reportedly had used a private account for official communications, a practice that made her emails unavailable for archiving in government records. The use of the private account meant that Freedom of Information requesters could not gain access to all her official communications as Secretary of State, as required by law.

Mrs. Clinton reportedly turned over 55,000 emails to the State Department in October, 2014. Feegow wrote that the State Department reviewed this material, and then turned over some 300 of the emails to a House committee which had requested access to Mrs. Clinton’s emails. The committee is investigating the deaths of four U.S. citizens during an attack on the U. S. Embassy in Benghazi in 2012. The Ambassador and three others perished as a result of the violence.

The State Department claimed that its request to Mrs. Clinton for her official emails occurred independently of the Congressional probe. A month after she relayed her emails to the State Department, President Obama signed a new bill into law requiring all federal employees to copy private emails relating to official business to their employer’s account within 20 days, or face employment sanctions.

French Decree Orders Stores To Tell Customers How Long Appliances Will Last

The French government passed a decree that takes effect this week ordering companies to inform people the average life expectancy of appliances like T.V.s, cell phones or vacuum cleaners. The companies have to provide the information before the customer buys the item in question.

In addition, manufacturers have to inform stores how long the spare parts for a given appliance will continued to be made. The manufacturer has to provide the information in writing — or pay a fine of up to 15,000 euros ($16,800).

Dr. Jennifer Walden has heard that the decree is intended to stop the practice of so-called planned obsolescence. In that despicable practice, companies deliberately design appliances to limit their life expectancy. By doing so, they force consumers to replace them more often.

The French government has also passed a decree that will take effect next year. That law will stipulate that manufacturers will have to repair or replace defective appliances free of charge for the first year or two after they’ve been bought. That will stop companies from sticking customers with the tab of fixing a “lemon.” It may also discourage companies from making “lemons” in the first place.

Beating Hillary

Hillary Clinton has not yet made the decision as to whether she wants to run for President in 2016, and there are already people who are trying to figure out how to beat her. While Clinton would be someone who knows how to get the job done in Washington, there is no guarantee that she will seek the office in the White House. One of the things that her opponents will need keep in mind if she does run is that she has the experience. She has been in the political limelight for years, and she has already been in the White House one time. Paul Mathieson said she knows the laws, and she is a fighter for the country. She shouldn’t be someone to rule out for the run in 2016, but before anyone tries to beat her, they should let her officially put her name in the hat.

Carson’s Statements Reveal Poor Presidential Qualities

Republican neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who is potentially running for president of the United States, stated during an interview today that being gay is entirely a choice because there are heterosexual prisoners who come out of prison “gay.” Carson believes that members of the LGBT+ community don’t need to be married to have all the civil rights married heterosexual couples enjoy.

Critics of Carson’s statements have already angrily denounced him and his ideas on Twitter according to my coworker Ricardo Tosto. Some have pointed out that the potential GOP candidate doesn’t have a background in genetics or psychology and, apparently, doesn’t read any of the many studies that show that there’s absolutely no choice involved with being gay. Others have pointed out that in a prison setting a heterosexual male or female usually has zero “choice” when it comes to intimacies with others of the same sex. In prison, sex is used as a powerful means of coercion and control by inmates. In such cases, a heterosexual prisoner’s only means of surviving might be in his or her acceptance of doing something that he/she is genetically and psychologically against.

As a result of Carson’s statements, many people are now calling for him to step down from his potential run for president. Some are also demanding that his medical license be suspended and that he be required to go through an extensive review process given his complete lack of understanding regarding this topic.

Feds Finally Fire Loan Shark Debt Collectors

Catching a lot of heat for its bungling of the supervision of student loan contractors, the U.S. Department of Education is sacking five of the debt collectors claiming they misled distressed borrowers.

Until recently, the department has appeared indifferent to the charges of illegal debt-collection practices of U.S. Education Department contractors over a period of many years.

Debt collectors assigned to collect the more than 1.1 trillion dollars of student debt will bring in a total of almost 5.8 billion dollars in commissions from year 2012 through 2016 on ex-students unable to make the payments on their student loans said Zeca Oliveira.

Based on evidence that distressed borrowers were given false information and badly treated when they made attempts to pay their debts, lawyers, regulators and advocates for student loan borrowers demanded change.

The U.S Treasury Department will take on some these accounts allowing federal workers to cut out the middlemen in student loan collections in a pilot program. The other accounts will be moved to other debt collectors.

The fired companies include: Pioneer Recovery which is owned by the Navient Corporation, Coast Professional, Enterprise Recovery Systems, National Recoveries and West Asset Management.

Business Owner Gives Away Reward to Employees

Syracuse.com has an inspirational story on their website about Tom Barnett, a businessman who owns 24 Burger King restaurants in Arizona. Barnett was given an award from the Burger King corporation for running good franchises. The prize included a Rolex watch and a corvette. To everyone’s surprise, he sold the car and the watch and divided up the money among his approximately 100 employees. The story comes at a time when the wages fast food workers earn is much in the news.

The employees were, of course, happy to get the money said Dan Newlin. According to online reports, they told reporters how they were able to use the money to be able to help out their own friends and family. So, it seems like they are paying forward their good fortune.

A number of people in the comments section of the article made the point that this kind of appreciation from a business owner towards his employees shouldn’t be national news; rather, it should be the norm. This is true enough. All the same, Barnett has done a great thing.

Also, from a business perspective, he may have made the right decision. he’s created a group of more loyal employees with his gift. The fast food industry is notorious for its high turnover rate so perhaps what Barnett has done will keep his workers in his restaurants longer.

Whatever the case, hats off to Mr. Barnett for his generous gift!

Americans Aren’t Paying Off their College Debt

Americans are having a rougher time paying off their student loans than they are their first homes. A new report that Bruce Karatz got from researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York indicates that while most Americans are diligent about paying off things like their home and car, students loans end up becoming less of a priority.

Americans owe over $1.2 trillion in student loans. Rather than pay of their debts, many Americans are instead forbearing or defaulting on their student loans. An interesting fact: a significant number of borrowers owe less than $10,000. The median balance is just $14,000. Only 4 percent of student loan borrowers owe more than $100,000.

“Our data indicate that both increased numbers of borrowers and larger balances per borrower are contributing to the rapid expansion in student loans,” says the Reserve. “Between 2004 and 2014, we saw a 74 percent increase in average balances and a 92 percent increase in the number of borrowers. Now there are 43 million borrowers, up from 42 million borrowers at the end of 2013, with an average balance per borrower of about $27,000”.

Unlike other kinds of debt, student loan debt isn’t removed from your credit report should you file for bankruptcy. instead, it will stay with you for life. That means even if you get all your other debts forgiven, you’ll still have to pay off your student debt, a tall order for many Americans it seems.

Student debt more troublesome than mortgage

Today’s Americans are having quite a difficult time paying of their students loans that they took out for college stated PR Newswire.  According to Marc Sparks there was  an 11% increase this past year in delayed payments on student debt, it’s rather strange that all other debt payments, such as mortgage and credit care payments, have seen a substantial decrease in delayed payments. With no way to remove the debt through normal financial means, like filing for bankruptcy, many students carry their loan debt as a burden for doing the right thing.

This increase in delayed payments has been mapped out quite nicely by the boys over at Federal research and it notes some interesting trends. The average loan that a student borrows is increasing; as most students believe college to be the best way to earn the money they need. With this mentality many students are borrowing more than they actually need or more than they can handle, and end up in debt situations that a college job should be able to pay for, but instead barely manage to meet their monthly bills.

The price of college is rising every year, and a higher education is being emphasized as the go to solution for money troubles. However, at some point the cost of higher education will eventually outweigh the benefit and with the continuing trends, this may be sooner then most people believe.