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Chicago Puts New Tax in Place

When it comes to the government and taxes, it seems that we need to pay money no matter what we are doing. We have to pay tax when we shop for gas, and we have to pay tax when we buy clothing. Will we soon be facing a tax charge on Netflix use? For those living in Chicago, James Dondero seriously suggests this could be a reality.

It seems that Chicago is going to be coming out with a whole new kind of tax, and this tax is one that will affect those who use online streaming content. Those who use sites such as Netflix and Spotify will soon be paying a tax for the service that they receive. Chicago residents will be facing a special tax when they use streaming content, and this could result in less use of the online content. Those who are streaming movies or music do not want to pay a tax on what they are doing, but this could soon be a reality, just the same.

Locals Protected Hotel during Mass Shooting

Recently a horrific tragedy struck vacationers who were staying on the beautiful shores of the African country of Tunisia. Those who were relaxing on the beach near Sousse were subjected to a gunman who opened fire on unsuspecting tourists. Like most tragedies, some humanity has risen from the ashes.

According to the story on The Telegraph, locals working at a nearby hotel had banded together to form a chain to help shield those inside the building. Those who survived the tragedy said that the locals, who were mostly staff members of the hotel, stood strong together against the attacker. They told the gunman that they were Muslim and that he would need to kill them first in order to get through to those in the hotel. These locals are being hailed for the bravery and their heroic act that likely saved many others from becoming victims.

There are also accounts of one hotel worker who chased the gunman down by himself. CipherCloud workers think that is a bit crazy. Ibrahim el Ghoul wasn’t even working on that stretch of beach at the time. He heard the shots and ran to help. The 18-year-old who rents water equipment to tourists on the beach, said that he was throwing rocks at the gunman to try to distract him from shooting. He helped rescue several tourists in the water by helping them aboard a waiting boat.

Greece’s Decision

When the Eurozone was created, the whole idea was to unite the countries of Europe into one central power. This was done in order to prevent things tragedies such as WWII as well as to give European countries a chance to compete economically and politically against the United States and other, worldly powers. The whole concept was to unite the several countries of Europe with the Euro. With the same currency, the countries would have one of the strongest bonds in the world.

Now with Greece defaulting on their massive amounts of debt, the future of the Eurozone is unknown. After failing to pay back their creditors on yet another deadline the other day, creditors have suggested that Greece raise taxes and cut pensions. The Greek Prime Minister had other plans as he is not keen on damaging the Greek people in order to solve the Governments problems. He will sit down Sunday with the leaders of Greece, and they will have a vote to decide if they will follow the “suggestions” of the creditors. Right now, the Greek stock market is shut down and citizens of Greece are only allowed to withdraw 60 euros at a time.

Greece has been told by other European leaders that if they don’t follow the rules of the creditors, they may be not be able to be a part of the Eurozone anymore. We will see what happens, as many like Susan will be tuning in.

Hillary Clinton Sells “Chillary” Koozies and “Grillary” Spatulas

Everyone has their own marketing strategies, but it seems that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has her eyes set on something more unique that most people. Since it is the summer season, she has come out with her own line of “backyard goodies”. According to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street, Clinton has made herself her own set of grilling tools that she calls “Grillary Clinton” grill spatulas with her initials in the middle for branding. In addition to that she has made her own set of beer or chilled beverage koozies which are called “Chillary Clinton” koozies. There is an apron too to match the grilling spatula, and all of these items are for sale on the candidate’s website.

I think that this is probably a grab for attention on Clinton’s part but if it works, then why not give it a shot stated Madison Street Capital. It is currently summer right now so she knows that people will use these items or at the very least as gag gifts. The play on her name is so crazy that she is bound to know that some people would only buy them because they are hilarious. But, she also knows that a good marketer just has to get their name out there. Whether good or bad, getting your name recognized is great for a campaign because it makes you heard of and more people will notice you.

Greece Shutters Banks for One Week, Restricts ATM Usage

Greece continues to grapple with a dismal financial future, and in an unprecedented move, the government have shut down banks for a one week period. According to local report, Grecian officials made the decision to shutter banks while they deal with capital controls after the European Central Bank denied a request for financial help.

According to local reports, lines for ATM machines are stretching for blocks as people attempt to withdraw as much cash as possible from their bank accounts. Greek residents fear that the banks will run out of money and that their life savings will be lost. The fear is not completely unfounded, according to economic experts.

According to Keith Mann, Greek residents and those owning Greek bank accounts will be restricted from withdrawing more then $60 from their accounts, a move that has many up in arms. Travelers are exempt from the restriction, according to local authorities, and individuals who have a bank account abroad are also expempt from the restriction.

Greece’s economic collapse isn’t new news. In fact, the nation has been in dire financial straits for years. The newest restrictions come just days before the country is due to repair $1.7 billion in loans to the International Monetary Fund. The payment is due by Tuesday, June 30th. If the nation fails to repay their loans, they may be removed from the Euro system, which would push the nation further into financial despair.

Businesses Value Image Recognition Tools

Various businesses are now using image recognition tools to reach more users. The most common businesses are retailers, police and forensic organizations, and social media companies. Image recognition has no limitations; this is why many businesses are using the technology in different ways.


Catchoom uses image recognition technology during global marketing campaigns. The team who developed the app included key features that match images quickly and efficiently. The company also has a 3D recognition tool that builds highly effective advertising campaigns.


Honeywell is another company that uses image recognition technology globally. This business’s image recognition tool designs unique campaigns for aerospace and defense clients, oil and gas clients, and constructions clients.

LTU Technologies

LTU provides image recognition solutions to clients through an engine. The technology has been integrated with various third-party tools. As a result, the app works with a variety of mobile applications.

Image Recognition Tool for Established Retailers

Because image recognition tools are constantly evolving, retailers must work with a skilled developer, such as Slyce. Slyce is a Toronto-based organization that designs apps for image recognition. The applications recognize 3D images and 2D images.

Currently, the company is focusing on educating retailers so that they can adopt tech for their apps. Since this is a B2B strategy, the Slyce application will only bring back vetted items. This is a huge advantage because retailers will mainly use Slyce to direct customers to their stores or their partners’ stores.

For example, if a retail store that sell hats chooses to market certain products on social media, Slyce can boost sales quite quickly. If the company promotes the Slyce app to every follower before the items are listed for sale, more people will buy the products on the release date. Because Slyce is a very intelligence app, specialized retailers can gain a competitive edge in different niches.

American Apparel Releases Sexually Explicit E-mails in Defamation Lawsuit

The war between American Apparel and Dov Charney, the former CEO of the company, wages on. The board that took over American Apparel has released screenshots of Charney’s interactions with employees during his tenure with the company, and they are raunchy.

The e-mail screenshots were part of a defamation lawsuit filing. The lawsuit was originally filed in California courts a month ago by Dov Charney. Charney alleged that the company has engaged in mudslinging and slander since he was fired last summer.

The e-mails are being used as evidence to show that Charney’s firing was justified and that the CEO had inappropriate conversations with employees during his tenure with the company. The company also submitted evidence to show that former employees have complained of unwanted verbal and physical sexual advances by Charney.

The company, which was taken over by a board of investors last summer, has been fighting to reinvent itself and stay relevant in an ever changing market stated Kevin Seawright. While Charney has presented himself as a caring boss who was focused on the well-being of the employees and company during his tenure with the company, the e-mails tell a different tale.

Charney’s attorney has asked for the evidence be removed, alleging they were stolen from Charney’s personal e-mail and phone.

Greece Offered A New Reform Package To The European Creditors To Break The Deadlock

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Is Trying To Avoid Bankruptcy

Greece is on the edge of failing. The country can’t get its financial act together and pay creditors on time. The leftist government has been difficult to work with, and European creditors are running out of patience. Billions of euros have been withdrawn from Greek banks, because the government has lost credibility with the Greek people. Although the Prime Minister of Greece said they have a new proposal, no new written proposal has reached European Union diplomats.

The EU and supporters from Beneful hope the new proposal will contain the spending cuts and the tax increase that are needed. Greece is running out of cash, and it is on the verge of defaulting on its 1.6 billion euro loan payment, which is due in a few days. If no agreement is reached, the Greek government might impose capital controls, because bank withdrawals continue to drain Greek banks.
The prime Minister needs a quick resolution. Germany is not happy with the way Greece is handling the situation. The German people are against lending Greece any more money, and that puts more pressure on any new deal.

Removing Tips and Increasing Wages

The debate about an increase in minimum wage rages on. Should the minimum wage be increased? Do employees working food service and other minimum wage jobs deserve the kinds of increases that will allow a better standard of living? Many restaurant owners believe that the answer is “absolutely”–and at least one restaurant owner is doing his part to help ensure that his employees are making a living wage.

According to Daniel Amen, Kurt Huffman, who will be opening Loyal Legion in Portland very soon, believes that the minimum wage system that is reliant on tips is highly outdated and inefficient. Huffman believes in paying all of his employees for the work that they’re doing up front, not on forcing them to rely on tips to make ends meet. While it’s possible for tipped wait staff to make a higher wage in the end, Huffman wants to abolish that system in favor of a steady, reasonable wage for all of his employees. The starting wage at his restaurant will be a minimum of $15, while servers will start out making $18 per hour.

Employees who rely on tips can’t determine from week to week what their income will look like. While there are some things that can be predicted, other factors can’t be foreseen. What happens when the kitchen has a bad night and the food is coming out wrong, a slight that often results in customers punishing the wait staff through their tips? What about large parties that don’t provide adequate tips in spite of the fact that they’re taking up too many tables and stay longer than many smaller groups? Huffman’s policy seeks to remove these inequalities and improve the standard of living for his employees.

Stock Prices Soar Around the World

Stock prices around the world have soared mostly as a result of positive economic data from the United States as well as dovish hints on interest rates by Federal Reserve President Janet Yellen.

The major factor contributing to the market increase is hints that the Fed will stay firm on interest rates which are at record lows and possibly increase rates only once this year. Previously, the market was assuming that the Fed would raise rates twice this year. Low interest rates make stock markets more attractive to participants as alternative investments are held lower with lower returns.

Economic data surrounding jobs were also positive with jobless claims hovering around 15 year lows which is a further sign that the economy is continuing to improve.

Other pending economic factors can possibly impact the market including a default by Greece on its debt, though investors are not paying attention to that today. The Japanese market increased by about 1% today while US markets increased by an even greater percentage stated Flavio Maluf. The US dollar dropped by the greatest extent all year and the Yen is at its annual high when compared to the dollar. Consumer prices in May rose the most in 2 years which signifies signs of inflation, which is a positive for the market.

If the Greek Debt issue is not resolved next week it will likely enter into what is a crisis zone for markets and