Jose Manuel Gonzalez: Politics is too important and can’t be Left under the Management of Politicians Alone

About Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a renowned agricultural business person in Venezuela. He had his shift as the president of the National Federation of Ranchers of Venezuela (FEDECAMARAS) from 2007-2009. Currently, he is serving as the deputy of the Guarico State National Assembly. Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez offers Venezuelan citizens the quality of two experiences of public service from two dissimilar but complementary sectors.

Born in Las Mercedes del Llano, Gonzalez is a descendant of a famous painter, Martin Tovar y Tovar. Manuel attended the Central University of Venezuela where he graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering. Mr. Gonzalez has continually stressed on his vision to help his country grow and reach another economic level.

Gonzalez feels that the current political situation in the country is not okay. He maintains that the country needs a visionary politician who is after more than just politics. “We need leaders who do more than their political duties,” Gonzalez says.

Mr. Gonzalez is working towards ensuring that every Venezuelan citizen has access to basic human needs without any complications. For some time, the country has had some issues with the manner through which goods and services are distributed to the citizens. Gonzalez believes that a businessperson is more suited to lead the country than an average politician.

Gonzalez’s opinion on Agro-Industry in Venezuela

Just like other government sectors, the Agro-Industry is in a risky state. Gonzalez argues that Venezuela stopped producing 500,000 and 300,000 tons of rice and corn respectively. He adds that the country lacks sufficient foreign exchange for it to import the commodities. “This condemns us to a “roller coaster” type precarious supply where no one can guarantee anything,” says Gonzalez.

The assembly has been trying to understand the situation of the agriculture sector. Unsuccessful management has always been the problem. Gonzalez says that the Venezuelan government has always known the flaws and weakness of the Agro-Industry but has done nothing.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez loves his country and is constantly pushing to see the country achieve a positive economic milestone. Visit to learn more about Gonzalez and his efforts to make Venezuela better.

Achieving Fulfillment through Ancient Wisdom, Kabbalah

It is important we understand what Kabbalah is all about. The term “Kabbalah” refers to an ancient wisdom that explains how the entire universe and life operate or rather work. Literally, the term means, “to receive.” In other words, it can be defined as the study of how one can receive fulfillment in his or her life.

Most people across the world feel that they are not as fulfilled as they should. It is even a paradox that whenever they strive so hard to achieve some sense of fulfillment, the more it gets away from them. Fulfillment goes beyond being happy and probably experiencing some sense of wellbeing. It involves connecting to some form of energy and maintaining your connection to a true and long-lasting fulfillment.

According to the teachings of Kabbalah, all the branches of life including relationships, health, and careers, originate from the same root. Kabbalah teaches how to look at the world and connecting you to the kind of fulfillment you desire.

The Kabbalah Center is an international non-profit organization dedicated to giving people across all spheres of life the tools and wisdom that can be useful in improving their lives and removing chaos in the world. Headquartered in the city of Los Angeles, California, the center offers courses on the wisdom and teachings of Kabbalah online and through the various centers in the region and study groups across the world.

The Kabbalah Center has at least 50 locations all over the world with over 5,000 people studying every week. People either use the various physical locations or the online platform to access books, lectures, prayer services, download content, CD’s, and DVDs. Established in 1922 by Ray Yehuda Ashlag, the Kabbalah Centre supports students by providing a healthy environment for them to be natured and exchange and share ideas, grow spiritually, and develop relationships.

Today, Rav Berg who took over as Director in 1969 leads the Kabbalah Center. Kabbalist Rav Berg is in charge with the help of his family. The International Centre also has a staff of teachers from diverse ethnic backgrounds who offer training, lectures, and guidance to the students. Being a non-profit religious organization, the Kabbalah Center is exempted from paying federal income taxes.

Strengthen Your Hair With A Revolutionary Product

There is a number of women that are concerned about their hair and looking for reliable hair care solutions that won’t cost them a fortune. They have made the pricey trips to the salon with no help and have used hundreds of products that are advertised by a high paid celebrity. Fortunately, Wen by Chaz provides a comfortable hair care solution that you can depend on for stronger longer hair. Their Sephora sold products contain all natural ingredients that are easy on your hair and give your hair shine. You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get your beautiful locks back.
One young lady tried using Wen by Chaz ( for the first time with her own money. She was sure to tell the Bustle online readers that their products were easy to order and she had them shipped right to her door. Best of all, it was like hair magic in a bottle for under $40. She ordered from Amazon the strengthening conditioner and decided that she was going to use it on her hair for one week after each shampoo. What she noticed after that one week was longer stronger vibrant hair that had far less breakage.

WEN by Chaz provides all natural hair care ingredients for your hair. It doesn’t strip your hair or take away from its essence. You are invited to try their awesome summer peach collection of shampoos and conditioners. Each bottle has the proper usage listed on the outside so you never waste money by using too much or too little for the proper treatment of your hair. She now recommends Wen by Chaz to all the online Bustle readers as an effective hair care solution for less. You’re invited to visit their website for more details and product information on their collection of hair care products.


My Favorite Velvetines from Celia Leslie’s Twenty Four Lip Colors Video

I’m addicted to watching beauty videos on YouTube. I love getting new tips or insight into the best beauty products or the worst beauty products out on the market. One of the recent videos I saw that I enjoyed was from the YouTube channel Celia Leslie. In the video she tries on twenty-four different Lime Crime Velvetines lip colors.

Cashmere -or a light grey color- is the first color she did a lip swatch of. It had a nice light grey or pale color to it. It looked somewhat like an average nude lip only with a slight greyish hue. With her dark hair and warm toned light skin this color had a dramatic look to it.

Squash is a light orange lip color. It looks like a cross between a squash or a pumpkin color. The Squash lip color looked very fun on Celia Leslie and she seemed pleased with the result.

Teddy Bear -lilac brown- is a soft brown color that is perfect for anyone jumping on the brown lip band wagon that has become increasingly popular. I myself adore the brown lip look, and I think Teddy Bear is one of the cutest brown colors I’ve ever seen.

Pumpkin is a perfect Halloween lip color. The brick red hue really seemed to make Celia Leslie smile with some Halloween vamp. If I have a chance I definitely want to try out this lip color this fall or Halloween.

Red velvet reddest red is just as deep in red as a red velvet cake. It looks particularly eye catching in contrast to Celia Leslie’s black hair and lighter skin tone.

Wicked is a deep witchy red that is perfect for the Halloween and fall season. I love dramatic lip colors like this and it looked great on Cecelia Leslie.

Cement is a light cool grey color. If you love grey lip colors, this is definitely the one to select. It is the coolest grey shade of all the million shades of grey.

Peacock lip color is a teal peacock plumage blue. It’s completely unique looking and it would likely be impossible to find this particular color anywhere else other than Lime Crime.

Salem is a beautiful velvet true brown color. She seemed really happy with this color and it is definitely a lip color I would want to try as well.

I can’t wait to try out some of these Velvetines lip colors. As a cruelty-free company that uses only vegan ingredients for their lip colors, I especially like the Lime Crime makeup company. It makes me happy to buy products from a company with such positive notions that they are against animal cruelty.

You can check out Lime Crime at Urban Outfitters, some select beauty supply stores and on the Lime Crime website: ““.

What You Should Know About The Brazilian Law System

Brazil is a litigious nation and the laws applicable in the country are vast. The legal system currently under application is as a result of the changes that were made during the 1988 change of constitution that brought the Federal system of governance. The system is made up of two levels, the ordinary courts and specialized courts.
All the specialized courts are a preserve of the Federal Government and rely entirely on the legislation and guidance that emanates from the government. The appointment of ministers to these courts is done through nominations by the president then the senate completes the process to declare whether or not to accept them to the body.

The National Justice Council
In conjunction with the function of the Federal Court, the National Justice Council was created in 2004 after an amendment to the constitution was effected. It is headquartered in Brasilia and their main objective is to exercise control over judiciary, coordinating and planning actions between courts. The council also carries some powers to exercise disciplinary action over judges, but does not have the power to revoke their titles.

Electoral courts
The Brazilian electoral system has remained intact since 1932 and since its formation it has been a process of continuous development. The Electoral courts are recognized under the constitution and they serve the role of judging electoral matters.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho
In the Brazilian legal industry Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is viewed as a market leader and a powerful figure with great recognition. He holds the most prominent office for a lawyer and his decisions have led to massive developments in the legal system of Brazil. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho was responsible for the development of a system that recognizes the need to understand both the finance areas and legal side of business.

He is a celebrated business attorney as he presides over cases concerning bank contracts, credit recovery and bankruptcy. Owing to his prowess, many people have acquired his services and other professionals borrowed ideas from his system that allows them to efficiently handle cases regardless of their magnitude.

Sanjay Shah Knows How To Work And Have Fun

With an event like Autism Rocks, it is clear it takes a lot of work to put it together. There are a lot of things to get in order, vendors to deal with, and things to set up. However, someone like Sanjay Shah Denmark, someone who once practiced medicine, used to be an accountant and now runs his own brokerage film in Solo Capital, is not intimated by this. He just does what is necessary and makes it happen. That is the way he operates and it is the way he will operate well into the future. He has a calming presence about him and this helps him with business and it also helps with Autism Rocks.

He knows how to have a good time and that is what Autism Rocks is all about: having a good time, raising awareness, and getting donations in order to help with Autism. To show you the type of respect that Sanjay Shah has and how he does business, in the past, this event has had names such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè and Drake in London and Dubai perform at it. It is a big deal and a lot of people are talking about it.

This year, they are going to have Tyga and Flo Rida in the hopes of getting a more youthful vibe to the event. it is important that youth understand children with autism and treat them with respect, kindness, and understanding. A lot of times, they might not know what autism is or how it affects a child. With this event and with all of the great work that Sanjay Shah and his wife are doing, more and more people will know about autism and they won’t be uninformed. Again, it is not their fault. It is just in certain situations, people might not understand it unless they have done their homework. This is an entertaining yet informative event, which is the best kind of event. People can have fun and they can learn more about autism and have a broader understanding of it. That is why the event has been such a big hit.

Find out more about Sanjay Shah:

Why Class Dojo Wants to Make the Classroom Experience More Fulfilling

Ed-tech firm Class Dojo recently announced that it has managed to raise 21 million dollars in its second round of investment funding. These funds will be used to improve its platform, thus enabling more seamless communication between educators and learners’ parents. The addition of more features to the platform will similarly enable parents to play a bigger role in the everyday learning activities of their kids.

Improving the platform will make it possible for parents to be kept apprised about their children’s experiences throughout the day. This will negate the need for them to physically visit schools to discuss the progress of their kids. The funds raised will go a long way in helping the company to add more content and features to its platform. According to the firm’s cofounders Liam Dona and San Chaudhary, parents will be guaranteed a communication platform, which creates a productive culture within and outside the classroom environment.

The cofounders assert that the idea behind the app was to assist parents in their quest to support the development of their kids. Teachers use the app to schedule learning activities, which are also made known to parents. Photos and videos are regularly sent to parents so that they keep tabs on whatever their kids are doing. Class Dojo has rave reviews due to its ability to create a learning community that encompasses parents, teachers, and learners. It is already being used by 2 in every three American schools.

About Class Dojo

The company was formed in 2011. The founders wanted to create a distinct ed-tech firm, which would totally revolutionize the education sector. Its maiden app Class Dojo has gained immense popularity, and is currently used in more than 85,000 schools in the US. It is particularly popular with parents whose kids are in kindergarten through to 8th grade.

Despite being newcomer in the ed-tech industry, Class Dojo has grown steadily. The firm is yet to record any revenues since the founders have been focusing their attention on improving the app. With 25 employees, the company has also been focusing on the protection of users’ privacy. Its popularity has seen it attract venture funding from major private investment firms.

Getting Your Style On with Town Residential

Getting Your Style On with Town Residential
33 Irving Place
New York, New York 10018
E: [email protected]
T: (646) 790-2643

Town Residential is the ultimate in leasing and or purchasing agencies. With neighborhoods in Tribeca, Soho and the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, West Village, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Gramercy Park, and Union Square, just to name a few, you will find a selection of 5 star properties and high-end residences to chose from. Their motto “My Town, Our Neighborhood, Your Home”, tells you how much they care about helping you find just the right fit for you and your family.

With floor plans designed to impress and entertain, you will have a hard time choosing among the best there is to offer in New York City. Elegantly designed floor plans and rooms and spectacular city views will entice even the most discerning client. There is truly something for everyone. We work for you to find the perfect fit.

Explore their website and visit their Facebook page. When you are ready, call and make an appointment and we will pair you with one of our stellar Licensed Salespersons or Real Estate Brokers who are dedicated to finding the perfect property for you. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will work with you to find the perfect place in the perfect neighborhood to suit every need for you and your family.

Our properties are known for their state-of-the-art floor plan designs to maximize your comfort to choose the latest in amenities and services to make your new home complete. Every neighborhood boasts its’ unique collection of specialty shops, dining and shopping.

Home is more that just a collection of rooms and a front door. It is an attitude and representation of who you are and where you wish to be. Having a comfortable, elegant home gives you the freedom and opportunity to design your life and make the most of our fabulous city. Our neighborhoods offer the prime real estate available in the city. These are not postage stamp sized apartments, but elegantly appointed and fashioned residences for people just like you who have a sense of style and personality and want their homes to reflect the same qualities.

Let us help you launch your new home search by offering the best in selection, price, location and convenience to complete your dreams. The most stunning views and local amenities and services will simplify your life and give you comfort and piece of mind.

New York City is the place to be and offers anything you may desire. We have the best in professional sports, the ultimate in entertainment and the finest dining that accentuate the rich history and future offered no where else. You are convenient to the heart of our nation with the convenience to travel anywhere easily. Where else could you see the Yankees play baseball, go to a Broadway show and take a carriage ride through Central Park at the drop of a hat.

Come Home to New York City and Town Residential. We are waiting just for you. Here is our website again if you are as anxious to get started as we are to meet you.

E: [email protected]

Does Laidlaw and Company Play Dirty?

Nearly every adult knows, that when you are involved in a lawsuit, no matter the reason, it is highly unlikely that your hands will ever actually have a chance to hold the award amount listed. Once attorney fees and court cost are educated, there isn’t much left to spurge, or often to even make ends meet. Brian McDonough is an attorney who recently faced this dilemma with Laidlaw. After winning a lawsuit that totaled over half a million dollars for one of his client, in an arbitration settlement against Sands Brothers & Company he was told that they may not ever receive any where near the amount they were quoted. McDonough was instructed to advise his client to accept a settlement that would require them to forfeit a significant portion of the award amount. Despite the efforts to deter McDonough and his client from proceeding with the lawsuit, he pressed on in confidence and was able to win his care. Although it took a few months, his client received the full award amount quoted in the judgement.


The lawsuit against Sands Brothers & Co was a prerequisite for a company name change. Sand Brothers International is now Laidlaw and Company. Former investors of Sands Brothers’ share the common fear that the firm may transfer its assets in efforts to avoid paying the court ordered $664,217.


Laidlaw was founded in 1924 by Robert Laidlaw and is now led by Chief Executive Officer Matthew Eitner and Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets James Ahern. Eitner has an extensive background in investments and management, and has been with Laidlaw for roughly five years. James Ahern, who has also served Laidlaw for roughly five years has a strong background in finance with a focus on healthcare capital and finance. While the leaders of Laidlaw have developed strategic plans for the company’s continued success, their actions surrounding the arbitration lawsuit make their integrity and company morale a bit questionable.

Susan McGalla has a Passion for Business

Susan McGalla has proven herself numerous times when improving the bottom line for retail or a variety of fashion-oriented companies. Once she devotes herself to the work at hand, she’ll dedicate herself to the job and determine the goals to be accomplished using an analytical and objective perspective. Let’s learn about McGalla’s early beginnings and where she is today.

Early History

Susan McGalla comes from East Liverpool, Ohio. Her father, was a football coach, and he raised her and her brothers. Susan attended Mount Union College where she achieved a BA in marketing and business. Her business degree was the perfect platform to give her a strong introduction into business basics that would serve her well throughout her future careers on Bloomberg. After graduating from college, she would go on to begin her career as a businesswoman in the summer of 1986.


Initially, Susan McGalla began her business career with Joseph Horne Company. She was heavily involved in a variety of management and marketing positions, which would prepare her for many job openings down the line as her success became evident.

One of her biggest breaks came when she signed on with American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) in 1994. At the time, the company was focusing on men’s sportswear, but Susan would concentrate her creative abilities towards accessories and women’s divisions.

Susan would work various positions at AEO where she eventually worked as a General Manager for Women’s Merchandising from 1997-2002. In 2002, she was made the Executive Vice President over Merchandising.

After proving herself and doing an excellent job, Susan was promoted to President and Chief Merchandising Officer where she served from 2005-2007. In 2009, McGalla decided to venture out on her own in the retail industry as an independent consultant.

Read more: File:Susan McGalla photo.jpg

In 2013, Susan became the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She provided advisory consultation services to financial communities, retail industries, which also included marketing and branding recommendations.

Today, Susan McGalla has branched out and is working as the Director for Strategic Growth and Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. As the director, Susan is responsible for e-commerce, merchandising community development and strategic initiatives.

Personal Life

Currently, Susan lives with her spouse Stephen McGalla in Pittsburgh, and they have a couple of children.

Whether Susan McGalla finds herself developing new strategic initiatives, planning future growth, consulting, creating branding strategies or designing new marketing efforts, there’s no doubt she’s ready to go and is up for new challenges no matter what they may be.

Learn more about Susan McGalla: