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Housing First Continues Finding Success

The epidemic of homelessness is still a problem for some cities and countries all over the globe. Last month cities in states like Utah, Arizona, and Louisiana made headlines for completely eradicated their homeless population. The cure for the homeless epidemic is Housing First. The founders behind Housing First take homeless people off of the street and house them before they focus on curing their drug addictions or mental disorders.

The town of Medicine Hat, Toronto is among the most recent community to completely eradicate their homeless population. One of the executive members of the Medicine Hat Housing First program originally disliked the idea of housing first. He even went so far as to mock the program and what it would provide for homeless people. Amen Clinic even reports after seeing the benefits of Housing First, the positivity of this program could not be denied. Medicine Hat adopted the Housing First program and was free of homeless citizens within a matter of nine months. On average cities will pay $100,000 a year for emergency room visits, jail time, and social work for people who were living on the streets. The Housing First project cost just $20,000 a year per person.

The $80,000 difference is money that could be spent improving on the community instead of the problem of homelessness. People who were against the program in the beginning or now vocal advocates for the program. Cities and states in various countries are sure to adopt the program in the next few years. With the success rate of Housing First, homelessness can be a problem of the past.

Lower Paid Lawyers Are Happier With Their Lives

A recent study by the George Washington Law Review shows that lawyers that have higher earnings, have lower happiness than their lower paid counter-parts. Parents dream that one day their children will grow up to be lawyers. If you ask them why they dream this, they will answer because they want their children to be financially secure or to have the prestige and status they deserve. Rarely will the parents say they want their children to grow up to be a lawyer so that they can be happy everyday at work, that’s more outrageous than a FreedomPop review.

The study was based off of the Self-Determination Theory which states that all humans need to feel connected to others. They need to feel competent and they need to feel authentic. Personal goals like helping others, love and personal growth also play a large part in a human’s happiness.

High paid lawyers work hard by putting in long hours. Time is spent working, not bonding with co-workers. This leaves very little time for family or friends. Because of their elite status, they are disconnected and mentally above other people. Unless it is for their career, they spend very little time on personal growth for the pleasure of it.

Lower paid lawyers, for example a public defender, are able to help others and feel content through their jobs, even though their pay is much lower then a partner in a law firm. They go home at the end of the day and feel they have tried to make a difference in their community and the world so they feel a sense of accomplishment that has nothing to do with money. Public defenders work just as hard as the high paid lawyers, however the work is done for pleasure, therefore they experience more happiness.

Dan Newlin: A Successful Attorney With A Heart For Public Service

Dan Newlin is known best as a Florida based injury attorney, but he has had led a life so much greater than simply practicing law. Dan has worked as a public servant in many different jobs, has made a significant impact in the lives of others, and continues to run a successful business.

All his life, Dan has worked in jobs that served others in a significant way. By the age of eighteen, he was already working as a licensed EMT. After that, Dan decided to become a police officer in the town of New Chicago, Illinois. After a few years, he moved to Florida and rose to become Deputy Sheriff of the Orange County Sherrif’s Office in Florida, where he received a number a prestigious awards and honors for his service. Dan continued to work full time as the Deputy Sheriff, but he decided to begin earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and then chose to attend Florida State Law School. Dan has been working as an attorney ever since.

Since working as an attorney, Dan Newlin has made a huge impact on the lives of those in his community. In 2014, he fought for brain damaged teen Danielle Sampson by obtaining a $10 million verdict on her behalf. In July of 2012, Danielle was struck in the head by an accidental bullet shot by gang member Tyrone Mosby. At the time, Mosby was fleeing from the scene of a home invasion and had intended to shoot the homeowner. Danielle Sampson has remained paralyzed and unable to communicate aside from blinking her eyes since the incident. In an article from PR Newswire, Dan stated he hopes this verdict sends a powerful message to all criminals. He hopes that they realize they will be indebted to society, and they may not always mean spending time in prison. It could mean having to work hard to pay them back with money.

Dan Newlin has opened two locations – one in Orlando, Florida, and another in Chicago, Illinois. He has a team of experts who have helped him serve his clients well in the past few decades. In addition, his team has even begun to use new technology to their advantage, such as implementing the simple hashtag, #Dan to make it easier for new and old clients alike to contact him. Truly, Dan Newlin is not just a successful attorney, but also a humble, concerned public servant.

A Recent Studies on Lawyers Proves Money Doesn’t Buy You Happiness

Lawyers are respected and admired for their position, status, and wealth in America. However, you might not be so quick to be envious of people with a law degree after a recent study reveals rich and successful lawyers are much less happy than their underpaid counterparts who work for the state for instance.

Researchers studied the thoughts and habits of 6.200 lawyers by asking them questions about their jobs, health, and several other factors which contribute to a persons well-being. The results revealed lawyers who earn a high income or make partner at a high profile law firm are not any happier because of it. On the other hand, lawyers who work in public service and earn significantly less money were much more likely to be happy and healthy in their everyday lives.

Also, lawyers with high income, high pressure legal positions were more likely to suffer from addiction. Gravity4 said that though both groups were found to have an equal amount of overall satisfaction with how their lives are going.

The pressures of law school are nearly endless and the pressure doesn’t end at graduation. In fact, many times the pressure is increased as graduates are expected to get positions at respected law firms and eventually make partner.

In order to decrease unhappiness among lawyers, many law schools are introducing freshmen courses that ask students to question their path in life to ensure becoming a lawyer is the right option for them.

Banks Are Worried About Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the self proclaimed Democratic Socialist, and now a candidate for the Democratic nomination has made some banks wary. The Hill reports that they are bracing for the possible impact of the Vermont Senator in the Presidential race. While those banks are probably not that worried that the Senator will actually become the next President, they are concerned about his impact in the race.

Many are already seeing his impact in terms of pushing the likely nominee (Hillary Clinton) to the Left on some issues. Since Bernie Sanders has strongly backed the breaking down of the big banks in the past, it would seem that he might push Hillary towards that position as well.

This setup is unfortunate for the big banks who would like to avoid regulation. Bloomberg.com had a story that suggested Hillary Clinton has been seen by many on the Left has pretty soft on Wall Street reform and regulations. If she feels the pressure to move towards the Left on that particular issue, then the banks are certain to lose out on that issue.

People often forget the impact that candidates can have when it comes to just pulling other candidates in one direction or another. You can bet that the banks are not making the mistake of overlooking this though. They see how it is playing out, and they are preparing themselves for the potential impact on their business models. It will be interesting to see how much influence Bernie ends up having.

New Stock Trading App Robinhood Says No to Charging Fees, Raises $50 million

Meet Robinhood: a Palo Alto-based mobile stock-trading app poised to really shake things up in the industry. The service boasts an unusual, but highly attractive, set of features including no fees or commissions and no account minimums. These aspects of the app are appealing both for those who are new to trading and for old pros.

Watch co-founder and co-CEO Baiju Bhatt discuss the vision for the company and some insights on the financial services industry in this short video from San Francisco Business Times.

Currently, the company only has 30 employees, but is looking to double that number by the end of 2015.

Gravity4 said that investors betting on Robinhood’s success include New Enterprise Associates, Index Ventures, Social Leverage, and Ribbit Capital, all of who participated in this most recent round of fundraising.

Since the app’s launch, Robinhood has facilitated transactions totaling over $500 million and has saved it’s users an estimated $12 million in commissions.

The future looks bright for this growing financial tech company as more and more people become willing to break outside the box of traditional trading and try something new.

Silicon Valley Unicorn Startup Uber Boosts Valuation Past $50 Billion

Uber is once again on the prowl for venture capital. This round of financial offerings has Uber valued at $50 billionwhich makes it the highest valued private company anywhere on Earth. Only Facebook has ever tipped the scales at the $50 billion mark as a private company.

This round of financing is said to be funding for developing strategic partnerships around the globe. Uber has become a quite mature company is a very short amount of time. They are shaking up the taxi market everywhere they go.

The new $50 billion valuation pushes Uber past the $45 billion mark set by Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi. According to Daniel Amen, it’s even worth more than FedEx and Nissan Motor valued at $48 billion and $47 billion respectively.

Uber isn’t the only Silicon Valley company soaking up the VC gravy. Zenefits, a software as a service company, raking in a cool $500 million in financing. Affirm, a lending company, is said to have brought in over $275 million in venture capital.

Making Your Feet Philanthropic

The onset of summer, with the accompanying expectation of less clothing, brings on a certain level of anxiety in most women. I’m not immune to this form of free-floating cultural angst, but the part of me I most hate to reveal is my feet.
Yeah – they’re that ugly.
Nonetheless, today I’m proudly posting a full-color snap of my naked tootsies on Instagram, using hashtag #withoutshoes. And I don’t care how ugly your feet are, you should do the same.
Is this some bizarre new form of exhibitionism? No, it’s a rare chance to do something good. Blake Mycoskie, founder of eCommerce company Toms, will give one free pair of his company’s shoes to a needy child for every photo posted with the appropriate moniker, through May 21. Mycoskie’s donation goal is one million pairs of shoes. Even sweeter, 40% of the shoes donated go to children in the countries where Toms’ shoes are made.
Generosity isn’t new to Toms – it’s built into the very fiber of its corporate heart. The company donates shoes, provides for sight restoring surgery and prescription glasses, facilitates clean drinking water, and donates materials and training which improve the safety of the birthing process.
So, it doesn’t matter how ugly your feet are – my friend Jason Halpern and I will be looking to see them on Instagram, too. Learn more here. And remember that a generous heart trumps gnarled toes, any day.

Greece Makes Payment to IMF,. . . Barely

Greece has managed to make a scheduled payment to the IMF but it did so under much distress within its national budget and is pressed to make another scheduled payment next week. The payment of $222 Million Dollars was made only after Greek officials squeezed every extra dollar from every Greek department budget. The question of whether the country will default on its current debt obligations is still outstanding and Greece’s membership in the European Union is also still a question that has yet to be resolved. Greece has struggled to get its economy back on track over the past several years after having to take various bailout monies from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. Greece’s exit from the European Union is more problematic for the Union as opposed to Greece. Many economist believe that the European Union can not afford to let a member country fail and exit the Union. It would set a precedent that could lead to the exit of other smaller EU member countries begin to erode the economic strength of the Union. Greece Struggles to Make IMF Payment

Greece is trying to make adjustments to its economic policies in an attempt to appease the EU and its dominant member Germany which will be the main contributor in any EU bailout package for Greece. Forbes said that recent proposals to overall the Greek economy have been rejected so far and with an another IMF payment looming many Greek officials believe that they are in a catch 22.

Bernie Sanders Calling For Social Security Expansion

When is the last time you heard of a politician asking for Social Security to be expanded? Well that is exactly what Bernie Sanders is calling for. Better yet for those who are excited about this idea, Bernie is not just a politician at this point but a candidate for President.

It is his belief that Social Security should be expanded and offered to as many people as possible. He says that it is a program that works for those who have it, and those who don’t have it are eager to get it.

Wausaunewsdaily.com is reporting that he is the first candidate in the Presidential race this year to call for Social Security expansion. Most of the other candidates are actually calling for cuts or changes to the program. Sanders believes that the program works just fine and that it is the politicians who need to figure out how to cut out the excess from their other pet projects in order to fund something like this that can actually help people.

Sanders is concerned with the millions of people who are living paycheck to paycheck just trying to survive, and he believes that this program would help many escape that reality. On his website Jason Halpern expresses that the little extra money into the pockets of those who are no longer able to work is something that could keep the economy afloat and help so many who are struggling in the first place.